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Magic,If you have magical sex Author Atsushi Torigoe

Normally, men wouldn’t be interested in fat women. So will diet-related products sell like hot cakes? I used the word “not interested” as an understatement, but it would be more accurate to say that I don’t have a sexual desire.
Kana , the wife of the famous Japanese painter Shinichiro Tamiya , who is rather obese, has finally become pregnant. But… but
“That’s not my child, is it? This is…”
It was very difficult for him to criticize his wife. Because he was not willing to spend the night with his obese wife, he already had a night out with another woman.
(Even so, I never thought that something like this would happen.) Shinichiro was very distressed. Besides, if the child to be born is a girl, she wants to name it Yuna, Kana said straight out. (That’s fine, but still, Yuna is a really weird name.) Knowing that the child that will be born isn’t yours, but you can’t do anything about it, that’s what it means. Even though it’s only natural…I wonder how I’ll live from now on. Rather…, Shinichiro thought, and glanced at his wife, should he kill her? I thought, but what should I do? When it comes to the specific idea, it’s hard for him to think of it.
(Even if I can’t think of it right now, I’m sure I’ll come up with it eventually…) Shinichiro, a well-known painter who seriously thought so, clenched his right hand firmly, firmly.
Kisaburo Hamano, a handsome young man, asked a beautiful girl, Yuna, who was facing each other across a transparent table.
“Your father is a very famous painter?”
“Yes, very famous, very rich. I’m sure you know my father’s name.”
“What the heck is that?”
“His name is Shinichiro Tamiya, Ufu.”
“Ah, that person has a lot of paintings with strange themes. It’s a hot topic on the Internet, and there are a lot of threads on a certain huge bulletin board.”
“Ufu, then you know, Mr. Hamano. I’m really happy.”
Yuna tilted her slender neck slightly and gave Hamano a seductive wink.
“That’s right. I thought you were a daughter from a wealthy family, but… It’s very, very natural that I know Mr. Tamiya. Because I Well, even this is a painter’s work, so that’s it.”
Yuna made her big round eyes sparkle.
“That’s right. I thought you were an artist, so I’m very happy to have such a wonderful date. ”
Yuna slowly picked up the yellow coffee cup and softly put it on her lips. Her red lips burned into Hamano’s eyes.
“Mr. Hamano, what’s wrong, is there something on my face?”
“Oh my gosh, your lips are just, just beautiful.”
“Well, you’re very, very good at it. But you’re also a very handsome young man. Don’t you say so?”
“Well, sometimes, I don’t know. Besides, I wonder if I can really meet the famous painter Tamiya once.”
“It’s easy, you can see me right away. After all, Tamiya is my father, my father.”
Both of Hamano’s eyes sparkled with hope, like the sun at dawn.
Kisaburo Hamano is from Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
His talent for art seems to run through his family, and he had an uncle who attended an art college in Machida City, Tokyo.
His name is Seiji Kojima. Hamano always thought that he didn’t want to be like his uncle, but after all, he became a student at an art university in Machida City, Tokyo, and that’s how he met Yuna Tamiya.
It is said that the failure of his uncle, Seiji Kojima, was due to women’s issues. That’s why Hamano thinks he has to be careful.
It was a year ago that I took an express bus from the bus center in Kumamoto, went to the bus center right next to Hakata Station in Fukuoka City, and took the bullet train to Tokyo from there. Mari Mizushima, the older sister of Hamano’s friend, is said to work at a cabaret club in Machida called Ai no Hanata .
It seems that he once talked to his uncle, Seiji Kojima, at the store.
“For now, let’s go play. I’ll tell you the story.”
His friend said so when he came to see him off at the bus center in Kumamoto.
“Oh, okay. I’ll call you on my cell phone from Tokyo.”
Hamano answered with a smile as he boarded the highway bus. (Mari-san? But, you have to be careful with women.)
When Hamano got off at JR Machida Station, he was reminded of the late singer Izumi Sakai.
Hamano was a fan of Sakai. While looking for images of Sakai on the Internet, I found a nude image and immediately saved it on my computer.
As a fan of that level, of course I knew Izumi Sakai’s address from information on the internet. According to the information, it was near one station on the Tobu line.
Hamano, of course, was going to visit Sakai’s house with a bouquet, but when he arrived in Machida, Izumi Sakai was in the hospital.
The day after Hamano moved into the apartment, he learned of the accidental death of Izumi Sakai on the internet news. He hung his head in silence. If possible, I wanted to marry Izumi Sakai. I thought it wouldn’t matter if she was 40 years old.
When Shinichiro saw the boyfriend his daughter Yuna had brought with him, he thought it looked like a face he had seen somewhere in the past. There are a lot of people like you in the world. but,
“I’m from Kumamoto.”
When I heard the young man introduce himself, I was shocked. I remembered, I remembered, that man. That’s right, Seiji Kojima looks a lot like that young man who was his student. If so, perhaps they are relatives. But if that’s the case, maybe Yuna… this relationship, but…
“I see. I’m from Nagano. Tokyo is like a gathering place for people from rural areas. Speaking of Kumamoto, there are many famous people, such as Masahiko Kimura, who used to do judo. Well then, I have high hopes for your paintings, and they’ll be fine.”
“No, it may not be as much as you would expect.”
Hamano holds the high-end coffee cup left by Yuna’s mother, Kana.
“Thank you very much for this.”
With a charming smile, Kana
“Oh, go ahead. Drink a lot.”
Yuna is
“Father, Mr. Hamano, please teach me well. Please.”
“Oh, maybe next year I might give him a class.”
In his heart, Shinichiro was thinking, (Hamano, what would it be like to let this man kill his wife? That’s an easy idea.).
The current mansion was purchased from a 600 tsubo second-hand house in Takagasaka, Machida City. The market price was 160 million yen, so it’s much cheaper than the 600 million yen house in Tokyo’s twenty-three wards.
The previous owner wanted to move to Denenchofu, and Shinichiro used the money he paid for part of the funds. Shinichiro and the others thought that the parent-child relationship was harmonious in this Takagasaka area. Takagasaka is literally a slope that goes up towards Hara-Machida, where Machida Station on the railway is located. Well, Machida City is a residential area where there are not many apartments outside of the Machida Station area.
There is farmland and farmers live there. Ruins have also been discovered, and people have lived there since ancient times.
Magic doesn’t really take root in Japan.
In the first place, Japan is covered with Buddhism. It’s not just limited to Kyoto. Many of the new religions are Buddhism.
Among such religions, there is a group in Machida City, Tokyo that is related to a Western mystical group. There seems to be a person called Machida’s Sage, but it is said that this person is not a human being, but a materialized spiritual body.
Completely unrelated to this, the magical association “Star of the Roses” founded by a young foreign woman named Chammel finally moved its headquarters to Machida.
A man named Eyama is the deputy leader of the organization, but he is also an art supply dealer. “Star of the Roses” was propagated through the Internet, so it is now possible to apply from the website.
Among them, the magic of good luck is very popular. Of course, she is also performing love magic. Such organizations will inevitably follow the same path as they become profitable, that is, becoming a religious corporation.
Rose Star applied to the Machida City Hall to become a religious corporation, and it was approved immediately. A religious corporation must have a principal image, but in the Star of the Rose, the presiding deity is Horus . Horus, an Egyptian god, is said to be influenced by Aleister Crowley.
Therefore, on the Star of the Rose, there are times when legal drugs are smoked. This was also one of the popularity, and many students from the university in Machida also joined the faith.
After all, the Horus hymns were sung in the cult as the age called the Eternal of Horus was about to begin.
A foreign woman, Shammel, had also joined a Crowley-affiliated magic society called OTO. OTO is a magical organization that has become more Crowley-like with the addition of Crowley.
Well, when I thought about why Western magic didn’t take root in Japan, there weren’t any Japanese who could do it.
That’s what I’m talking about. No one has enough free time to go to America or England to study magic. So, it’s usually a book or, at best, a correspondence course, but I don’t think that’s the real deal. On the other hand, Japan encouraged people to go to ancient China to study Buddhism. Chammel, a twenty-five-year-old young beauty, tells Eyama:
“In Japan, it seems necessary to destroy some spiritual lines in order to worship Horus.”
“By the way, is that still Kyoto?”
“No, it’s Kansai rather than Kyoto. There’s a strong Japanese spiritual barrier here. There’s even something that seems to have been intentionally built by Kobo Daishi.”
“I see, so Egyptian magic wasn’t popular in Japan either.”
“Yes, Hossam Mohammed Sadiq Ibrahim finally seems to have given up.”
“You’re the author of the out-of-print Egyptian Red Magic Secrets.”
“Yes, yes. , regardless.”
“Does that mean that Lord Horus also dislikes spiritual barriers?”
“Originally, the god was based in Egypt, but that is the god of the future, so for Horus-sama, there is nothing wrong with Japan without a true god. It seems we need to sabotage the.”
“Are you saying that the shrine is a big nuisance?”
“No, it’s more like a temple. Japan is surprisingly a Buddhist country, Mr. Eyama. Didn’t you know that?”
“You didn’t know. Why?”
“Most of the active spirits are Buddhist spirits.
“I see, I can think of it. Since the Meiji era, Japan has promoted national Shinto and so on, but the Second World War proved that it was meaningless.”
“Isn’t it true that the kamikaze didn’t blow either?”
Then Chammel grinned and sneered. after that,
“But I don’t think so. Japan is the country that could have become the best in the world. That’s why Horus’s messenger, Aiwass, told me to start missionary work in Japan . ”
“It means that the eternity of Horus will finally begin from Japan.”
“Yes. I’m thinking of changing the name of our cult to Horus Japan.”
It seemed to Eyama that the sun outside the cult’s room had shone even brighter.
Goro Shirayama, who runs a trading business in Machida, is Tamiya’s wife and Kana’s father.
His latest hobby, having lost his wife long ago, was meeting young girls through a personal computer internet dating site. In the dating system, whether you can meet or not depends on your luck.
Kana’s daughter, Yuna, has grown up, and it’s been a long time since Yuna called him “grandfather,” but Goro efficiently meets female college students and office workers and has many mistresses.
I have a store in a section of a department store in front of Machida Station, but I let the store manager run it and sell it nationwide by mail order. Also, with the spread of the Internet, after starting sales on the website, orders were pouring in from the previous mail order. I left it up to the online store manager, came to the office around 12:00 noon, and left the office at 3:00 pm.
As a meeting place for dating, go out in front of JR Machida Station, turn right and it is a few minutes away. It is a very large overpass. The number of people heading from there to Machida Station on the Odakyu Line is like a mini-Shinjuku. People passing by don’t care about people standing and waiting for someone.
Why is Goro able to meet a woman? That’s because his profile says he’s the president’s business, and he doesn’t misrepresent his age. On a day when it’s hard to get a job, Goro once let a female college student he met on a dating site join the company after she graduated.
Kisaburo Hamano was also from a decent family, able to go to Tokyo and attend university, but due to the recession caused by the Lehman Brothers shock, his family sent him almost no pocket money. So while Hamano was searching for various information on his laptop in his apartment, he found that a dating site could be used as a way to get pocket money from a woman.
(Maybe he’s a prostitute…), Hamano thought, but there were already stories of successful men posted on internet bulletin boards.
Wealthy women were secretly buying men, but it all started at once with reverse aid sites and the like.
So, Hamano also registered with a site that claimed to be a reverse aid, but the competition rate was already high. there are few women. That’s no wonder, the site made a rule that women’s membership was 20,000 yen. On top of that, as a reward for one relationship, there was a condition that the person should be able to pay at least 100,000 yen. This is a recession, and wealthy women are very tough there. Therefore, Hamano registered on a general free site and aimed at rich women. This was before he met Yuna.
As a result, many women, even wealthy women, choose dating sites that do not require an admission fee, so Hamano accepted the invitation. The other person is a single woman from Setagaya, a company owner, 38 years old. No marital history. There is a store in Machida that sells imported miscellaneous goods at low prices, so she sometimes comes there.
Subject See you soon
Sunday is my day off. After eating, I would like to go to the movies, but there were no movie theaters in Machida. I’ll take care of the food bill, so you don’t have to worry about it. I often eat at the Odakyu department store, and you can eat anywhere you like.
Hamano was thrilled when he received the email Friday night. At 38, I’m not that old, and first of all, I can get some pocket money, which should be more than the average AV actor.
I understand the subject
Of course, we will accompany you wherever you choose.
The reply email came fairly quickly. It was within twenty minutes.
subject meeting place
Then, at 11:00 on Sunday morning, around the exit of the overpass in front of JR Machida Station. I’m coming by Odakyu Line, but the Odakyu exit is crowded with people, so I’ll walk.
Hamano immediately replied to that as well.
I understand the subject
We look forward to.
Now, as a point, Hamano sent his mobile number in the first email.
President Hakusan’s dating woman also replied that he would send it with his cell phone number. This is one trick. Hailing from Kumamoto, Hamano is very naive. I did it without any precautions, but this is the reason why I succeeded in dating.
These days, there are quite a lot of people who lament that they can’t meet on dating sites, but it’s difficult to meet someone without knowing their direct mail, and after direct mail, if they don’t know their phone number, it becomes difficult to meet them.
It is difficult for a man to find out from the other party without telling him his direct mail. If possible, there is a method of telling the person who thinks this is the best if you tell them your cell phone number first. People in cities are easy to be cautious. If you do so, the other party will also be cautious and will consume time and money by exchanging e-mails. That is one of the reasons why dating companies are profitable. At least let me know your direct email. A woman who doesn’t reply there, I don’t know what it is, but that person has no intention of meeting you. However, I don’t know if the people reading this are people who use dating sites.
Around 10:00 on a Sunday morning, the area around Machida Station was already quite busy.
There is a covered sidewalk from JR Machida Station to Machida Station on the Odakyu Line. It feels like the second floor above the ground. Even though the width is wide, people heading to both stations walk on the left side. When Hamano went to the designated place, there stood a woman of medium build and height who was different from the people around her, wearing a hat. Hamano said to the woman,
“Are you perhaps Midoriyama-san?”
“Yes, please wait. I’m here.”
“Eh, so early?”
“He was here five minutes ago. Don’t worry about it.”
The woman, whose handle name was Midoriyama, smiled and said,
“Would you like to go to the top of the Odakyu department store?”
“Yes, I will.
The two then walked towards the Odakyu station.
When you enter Odakyu Station, there is an escalator that goes to the department store. From there, I arrived at the restaurant area on the top floor. Midoriyama smelled of expensive perfume. As for the time, there are not many people in any of the stores yet. After Midoriyama, Hamano entered the restaurant with a glass wall overlooking Machida. When I got to my seat,
“You’re Hamano-san.”
“Yes. I go to art college in Machida.”
“My real name is Midorikawa. Well, art is wonderful, isn’t it? My aunt used to run a gallery in Ginza. there is.”
“That’s wonderful. But I’m thinking of becoming an illustrator. I don’t think I’ll be able to draw things that can be exhibited in galleries.”
“Is that so? Talent shines when it’s polished, right? My aunt once made a painter famous. At first, though, he was an unknown young man.”
“Who are you, what is his name?”
“Yeah, you didn’t say your name. I think the name of the gallery was Gingetsu .”
Machida also has a facility for children without parents.
You can receive compulsory education, but when it ends, you have no choice but to find a job. Due to the economic recession, there are not many people who want to adopt and feed them.
One of these orphans, Ga Sayama, whose name is a little strange, was originally a person who seemed to be his mother. He wrote his name on the
The middle-aged male clerk at the reception,
“Is it okay if I just use the fangs?”
“It’s not a fang man, is it?”
“No, it’s a single letter.”
Somehow, the young woman shook.
“Okay, and I need you to write down your address, too.”
“The address is the spirit world.”
The clerk laughed when he heard that.
“I don’t have enough free time to do comedy with you. I understand that you don’t want to write, but eventually this child will be old enough to work. Then, far from raising him, Because it might be like giving you money.”
Hohoho, the woman laughed.
“I’m not kidding. From now on, I have to go home, so please excuse me.”
As soon as he said that, on the spot, the woman’s figure suddenly disappeared.
The clerk thumped on the spot.
Later, this story spread on the Internet as a modern-day ghost story, but the clerk’s mental state was suspected and he underwent psychoanalysis.
He was close to retirement age, so after retiring early, he has been going to a psychiatric hospital for a while. According to the clerk, the woman’s face resembled the face of a famous singer, which made her even more suspicious, but the baby was brought in anyway. was not a ghost, but grew up normally.
Hamano and Midorikawa walked towards a city hotel near Machida Station. Only on Sundays, there are twice as many people as usual. The two entered the hotel ” Machida Stop ” on the outskirts of the shopping district . Rent a double room at reception. They saw no one on the way to their room on the sixth floor. This is because few customers use it for their lunch breaks. When I opened the door, the smell of disinfectant was faint.
“My real name is Suzuyo Midorikawa.”
“My name is Kisaburo Hamano.”
“Is it okay if I start right away?”
“Eh, what are you doing…”
“It’s decided. Sex.”
“Ah, yes.”
Hamano helped Suzuyo Midorikawa undress and quickly slipped herself into her underwear. When Suzuyo took it off, she had a surprisingly plump body. Hamano, just looking at it, his lower half of the body was very full.
“Well, how are you doing, your son?”
“Oh, thank you for your compliment.
“Of course. Come on.”
Hamano hugged Suzuyo and put her down on the bed.
The light outside the lace curtains is almost dazzling. When the two were completely naked, they quickly kissed. Then Hamano rushed into Suzuyo. (Oh, good…) Hamano felt like Suzuyo’s was a slug. (I wonder if I have to pay for this kind of thing.)
There were many times when I had to hold back when Hamano seemed to go first. Each time, I clenched my teeth and looked at the ceiling to prevent the unbearable ejaculation. However, 30 minutes later, when I saw Suzushiro’s sullen and writhing figure,
“I can’t stand it. Oh.”
Hamano put it in a thin condom attached to one thing. I have taken it out many times.
“excuse me. so soon. 』
“No, it was great.”
Suzuyo, still naked, took out a Chanel purse from the handbag on the table near the bed.
“Yes, this. Not much.”
I casually handed over a bundle of 10,000 yen bills. Hamano counted on his fingers as he received it.
“Wow, I have 100,000 yen. Is that okay, Mr. Midorikawa?”
“It’s okay, of course. Please call me Suzuyo from now on.”
After parting ways with Suzuyo Midorikawa in front of the Odakyu Machida Station ticket gate, Hamano decided to go to the nearby Print Art Museum. I don’t mind wandering around with 100,000 yen on me, but since it’s Sunday and I can’t even deposit money at the ATM, I feel like I’ve made some big money while walking down the shopping street in front of Machida Station when I hear the voice of a young woman. ,
“Hey, do you want to play? Older brother.”
said a woman in her twenties with brown hair. (I just played. I also ejaculated, many times.)
“Let’s do it next time. Hey.”
Saying that, I quickly passed by the place.
In the area around Machida Station, which is known as the Kabukicho of the West, there are quite a few high school girls who are looking for compensated dating, but violating Tokyo’s ordinances would be a ruin.
If you walk east from Machida Station, you will eventually come to a downhill, but after going down a little, you will find the Machida City Print Art Museum. Although it is located in a large park called Serigaya Park, there were still many people on Sunday.
“What is this! Isn’t this a woman’s lower body?”
Crowds of people were gathering in front of the benches near the entrance of the print art museum.
On that bench, the lower half of the body below the torso was sitting with both legs together. Her plump waist and black under hair reminded her of something of a young woman.
The feet are also barefoot. No blood is flowing from the cut. A closer look reveals a thin plastic bag sewn to his waist. It must have stopped the bleeding.
Hamano was disgusted by it, and at the same time, thinking that as an art student, this composition might be useful, he took a picture with his mobile phone and left.
Suzuyo Midorikawa, who entered the premises from the ticket gate of Odakyu Machida Station, was startled when she saw a woman getting off the escalator.
(Auntie!) Although she is obese, she looks exactly like her missing aunt, Suzuka Midorikawa. When I looked at the woman who approached me, I saw that her face was a completely different person. However, even the way she walks is just like her aunt. Maybe you had plastic surgery. Suzuyo approached the woman,
“It’s your aunt, isn’t it? It’s Suzuyo.”
“Huh? You’re mistaken. I don’t know you at all.”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
Without a smile, the woman went too far.
That woman is Kana Tamiya. Kana was thinking (He looks like Suzuka Midorikawa. I wonder if she’s a relative or something.). If that’s the case, it’s a little bad, no, it’s a big deal, but even if it’s revealed,
There is no reason. But even if I tell the truth, no one will believe it. Also, if I say something like that, I’m sure I’ll be thought of as a madman… Actually, I saw that woman for the first time today. It happened a long time ago, before Yuna was born.
Kana knew where Suzuka Midorikawa was, but there was no need to tell anyone about it.
Kisaburo Hamano lives alone in an apartment in Haramachida, but he decided to put his laundry in the dryer of the laundromat because it took a long time to dry. (Why does laundry dry so quickly in Machida? In Kumamoto, it dries quickly.)
Machida City in Tokyo is like a basin.
It may be because the Tama River flows to the north from east to west. For some reason, I can’t help but feel gloomy.
To the east is Kodomo no Kuni in Kanagawa Prefecture, and to the west is the city of Sagamihara.
If you go down the west side of JR Machida Station and go a little further, there is a small river, and if you cross it, it is Sagamihara City, but it is a shape that climbs a steep slope. Therefore, people from Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, come to JR Machida Station to board the train and shop around Machida Station.
Hamano was able to meet a celebrity named Suzuyo Midorikawa, but Suzuyo is a woman from Setagaya, and the reality is that there aren’t many celebrity women in Machida.
(Next time, I want to go to Setagaya and meet Suzuyo-san.)
thought Hamano as he took the laundry out of the dryer.
(But you’re not going to meet me, are you?)
In Machida, single women are mostly elementary, junior high and high school students, and even though there are female college students, more mature women are attractive to Hamano, but there are many married women in Machida. Speaking of Machida’s married woman, it is famous for those who know it, that is, it is a delivery health. Married women in places like date clubs also seem to use Machida station square to meet up.
Die and be reborn in this world.
That time will vary from person to person. There are also examples of people who die and are reborn within a short period of time. Shinichiro Tamiya has not had sex with his wife since Yuna was born. Now that Yuna is nineteen years old, it will be quite a long period of time.
On her way home from vocational school, Yuna was stopped by a high school girl in uniform. Walking alone in a dark alley, she was startled when the girl popped out of the shadows.
“You’re Yuna Tamiya, aren’t you?”
“Yeah, yes, that’s right.”
“Your father is a very famous painter.”
The girl who asked that, even though she had grown into a plump body, smiled .
“Yes, are you a fan of my father?”
“That’s not right. Because Shinichiro Tamiya is my father.”
“Eh? Really!”
“But you’re not my sister, are you?”
“What is that?”
“What? You know what, you’re old, aren’t you?”
Yuna felt as if someone had put her hand in her head.
“So, so what? What do you mean?”
“Wouldn’t it be better for you to know the truth, uh-huh?”
The word rotten girl popped into Yuna’s head.
“What a funny joke, but I’m busy. Get out of here.”
“No, I won’t. Until you admit me.”
“Eh, what do you mean by admit?”
“I am the real Tamiya Shinichiro’s daughter, and you are not.”
“What are you talking about? I was brought up in my father’s house. What are you?”
“Then you have not been informed of anything yet?”
“Is there anything you know about it? That kind of play is popular among high school girls, isn’t it?”
“No. My mother was working at a cabaret club. At that time, my father came as a customer, and we developed a deep relationship with her, and my mother gave birth to me as an illegitimate child.
Dawn and the nearest star in the galaxy suddenly exploded, shocking Yuna.
“Well, just because. Then what is your last name?”
“My name is Kenjou Eri. From now on, I’d like to get to know you better.”
“Okay. I don’t really know, but my father raised me as his daughter.”
“Whether or not, that’s my father’s business.”
“Yes, yes, but I was waiting here to tell you this.”
“Okay. Yeah.”
“Do you accept?”
“Yeah, I’ll admit it. So, okay?”
“Yes, that’s fine. Thank you, sister-in-law.”
Kenjo Eri smiled as he approached the edge of the road .
If you look closely, you can see that his appearance resembles that of his father. Generally speaking, daughters resemble their fathers. Yuna started walking in a daze.
On the slope leading back to her 600 tsubo home in Takagasaka, Yuna’s head was spinning faster than ever before.
If I’m not my father’s child, then whose child am I? Is my mother really my mother? Something happened, but I’ve never thought about it before, so I’ve never felt so unhappy.
I wonder if what that woman said is a lie after all,
But, after all, my father and mother never seemed to get along well, and now that I think about it, I feel like my father never really took care of me. When I made a mistake, I felt like my mother was there to protect me. However, we have a maid at home, so I don’t feel lonely like in other normal households. I thought my father was like that because he gave me
Could it be? Well, let’s ask my father somehow. So who is the real father? Up until now, I thought that was the figure of a father in the world. When Yuna came to her senses, she was inside the gate of her house. I felt like the big tree on my right was staring at her with some contempt.
Daughters often suffer the same fate as their mothers. Kenjou Eri, who is 18 years old, wants to work in the same industry as her mother.
My mother runs a cabaret club now, but she used to be number one in the cabaret club. He came to Tokyo from Shizuoka, worked in Akasaka and Ginza, and now has a shop in Machida.
“Mom, what is your monthly income?”
“Yeah, sometimes it’s a lot, yeah, maybe 3 million yen.”
“That’s amazing. Isn’t that your annual income?”
“Of course, but when it’s less, it’s two million yen.”
“Because now, in Japan, it is said that the annual income is three million, right?”
“It seems so. But, Eri. Your mother is fine. It’s okay for you to go to America to study. We have a lot of good customers, and there are a lot of married people in Machida, so we’re fine. It’s thriving.”
“Yeah, America. Eri, I want to study the Internet. Go to America.”
“That’s very nice. Please tell your mother, Eri, but you’re also good at drawing, so you might be able to become famous on the Internet.”
“Mom, did you inherit my drawing talent from your father?”
“That’s right, I’m sure. Eli might be a great genius.”
“Dad, hey, when are you coming next?”
“Next month, I’m sure. I’m sure it will be.”
“I want you to always come back to Eri.”
“Don’t overdo it, you can’t. Your father has his own circumstances.”
From the large windows in the living room, you can see the scenery around Machida Station on the Odakyu and JR lines. The figure moves slightly.
Late at night, Hamano looked at a photograph of a woman’s lower body on a bench near the Print Museum on his cell phone. Then, to my surprise, there was a woman with her right hand on her cheek and a smile on her face. She is a young woman in her twenties and has the feeling of being an office worker. A chill ran down Hamano’s spine.
(This is, what is it, it’s in the picture, too. Is it a ghost, this?)
That’s what I thought, so I took my cell phone around to see if it was an optical illusion, but it still didn’t disappear.
(I want to say that there is something dark.)
That incident became famous on the Internet, but there were some people who took a video of it and uploaded it to a video-sharing site.
The video was supposed to be the most popular recently, but Hamano didn’t see the upper half of the body in the video.
(Is it only on my cell phone that I can see it?)
The police are also investigating, but they have no clue who the culprit is, and the woman’s upper body has not been found either. (Should I take it to the police? But they might not get it. No, more than that, they might suspect me. Just don’t take it.)
Hamano is also naive, but he had a past that seemed strange when he reported a lost wallet to the police. (Yeah, I don’t think the upper body was taken by me.)
Even so, that woman’s breasts are beautiful big breasts. Looking at it, Hamano almost got an erection. (Yoka, onago (standard Japanese translation: woman), tai.)
Hamano met with Suzuyo Midorikawa every other Sunday, and since he always received 100,000 yen, his monthly income was 200,000 yen.
Recently, even major companies have allowed side jobs, and there may be some employees who use such encounters. Most of the women are in their late thirties to forties. Hamano had a taste for gastronomy, so he used the reward from Suzuyo when he went to a high-class restaurant in Tokyo.
After that, I bought penis enlargement methods and supplements online. When I tried it, I looked at my rigid body reflected in the mirror in my room and thought, “I’ve gained a lot of weight.” It has grown three centimeters, and its diameter has also increased. It was also to please Suzuyo, who should be called a customer, and Suzuyo was pleased as well.
(After all, it’s better than an AV actor. If you become an actor, you shouldn’t stick your dick out in front of everyone. It’s embarrassing.) AV actors are said to have a performance fee of 10,000 yen per job. ing. Hamano will receive the same amount as an actor who appeared in 10 AVs at one time.
Hamano is like that, but it’s only natural that once every other week would be unsatisfactory. He is also dating and looking for another woman. Then,
A woman named Yuna has a profile
I’m the wife of a famous painter, but even if I have money, my husband doesn’t, so why don’t we hang out? Of course, I will give you plenty of thanks.
was writing. (This is good. I want to become one for my sake.) Hamano was thrilled with his curiosity and lust for money.
It may be said that a wife is sensitive to her husband’s cheating, but a husband is insensitive to his wife’s cheating.
However, in the first place, the wife’s cheating is caused by the husband’s cheating, so it can be said that the husband who is crazy about the cheating partner does not care about his wife in the first place.
Painter Shinichiro Tamiya went to a cabaret club with Eyama, an art dealer, because his wife had lost her sexual appeal. So I fell in love with a woman who looked very similar to a hostess club I had a relationship with a long time ago.
My wife, Kana, was busy raising her children, so even when she realized that her husband had made a woman outside, she didn’t say it out loud. Especially because my daughter, Yuna, like me in the past, I felt affection for not being able to move my right leg well.
A man with a wife and children tends to be interested in a woman who is in a similar situation to himself, in other words, a married woman, but Tamiya is not like that, he was more interested in a woman in the bar business who could easily get along with him.
The cabaret club lady is also working as a business, so if you want to stop coming as a customer, you should choose a man who is a suitable partner and can really get along with you.
Originally from Nagano Prefecture, Tamiya doesn’t have the coldness of a city person, and he can’t abandon a woman lightly, so he can’t abandon his wife, but the same goes for the hostess. It is also the power of the hostesses’ eyes to see through them. Tamiya, who had a glass of Dom Perignon poured into a high-class glass,
“Huh, is it Kenjo-san? That’s a strange name.”
“Everyone says that. I’m from Shizuoka.”
“Are there many names in Shizuoka?”
“No, I think it’s about my age. Actually, my ancestor was a samurai of the Tokugawa shogunate, so I think that’s why I got this name.”
“Haha. That’s that. What is it, Kenjou-san?”
“My name is Yuri.”
“It was moved to Shizuoka after the Meiji era.”
“That’s right. It was ordered by Kaishu Katsu.”
“That was the era. I came from Nagano, too.”
“Well, come to think of it, I felt like I wasn’t from Tokyo.”
“Well, I’ve lived in Tokyo for a long time too, but hey, I can’t hide my birthplace.”
Eyama, a painter,
“It’s a kindred spirit right away. Shinichiro-san, even if there is a price, such a beautiful woman will appear. Isn’t that what magic is all about?”
“Oh, that may be so. No, that thing is…”
Yuri opened her eyes a little wider,
“Magic, is that a trick?”
Eyama is
“Ah, no. It’s Western magic. It’s the occult. Shinichiro paid a price in exchange for his success. Thing.”
“Well, I don’t know anything about that sort of thing.”
“Most people don’t know and don’t care. But if you’re interested, please get in touch.”
Eyama took a business card out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Yuri.
“Horus Japan…assistant director…”
“Yes, I’m from Hokkaido, but I was originally a pioneer from Chiba.”
“That’s right. Thank you for your business card.”
Eyama thought that with this, Shinichiro would also know true love.
He had always thought that Shinichiro’s wife wasn’t really suitable for him.
On the night he met Yuri, Shinichiro put up a painting depicting Kana’s nakedness before he became his wife at an auction. The next day, it was sold for 50 million yen.
(Yeah, I had talent after all. He didn’t use a magic brush.)
Shinichiro was not very interested in the Internet. However, I was only doing auctions. His paintings are traditionally handled by art dealers, but due to the economic recession, they are not selling well, so the prices of his paintings are being lowered steadily. That’s 50 million yen, ah, it was a great achievement after a long time.
Various millionaires are born at auctions, and some are power sellers.
Art dealers sometimes sell his paintings through internet auctions. This time, of course, Shinichiro took a picture with a digital camera and then put it up for sale, but the successful bidder was an art dealer who apparently resold it to a wealthy Indian.
So the erotic paintings of Shinichiro’s wife are already gone.
(Yuri. That’s right, let’s draw a picture of Yuri. That’s my purpose in life from now on.)
In the next room, not noticing that his wife was browsing a dating site, he picked up his paintbrush, turned to the canvas, and looked motivated.
Hamano had no shortage of female models for his paintings. I start surfing the net as soon as I get home from school. In the meantime, I came across something called live chat.
The first thing I saw was a non-adult live chat, but then I started watching an adult live chat. Hamano was slow at typing, but after he managed to get her to become nude with the money he received from Suzuyo Midorikawa, he spent every day sketching her naked body.
In the chat, Hamano asks the woman with his finger on the keyboard.
Hamano, if you don’t mind, could you take your clothes off?
The other womanEh , right now?
Hamano Un, take off your clothes right now
When I chatted like that, the other woman willingly took off my clothes.
Machida doesn’t have a striptease theater, so I was grateful for Hamano. After all, half of the income obtained from reverse aid is spent on adult chat.
At school, the teacher praised Hamano’s nude drawing. Recently, even in adult live chat, I can understand performers by region, so I’m narrowing down the chat to Tokyo rather than Kanto.
As art, I can’t even announce the drawing of the female genitalia itself, so I’m satisfied with just hair nude. Looking at various hairstyles, Hamano feels the benefits of the Internet.
(Good times, really.)
Hamano’s family ran a home appliance store called Hamano Denki, so he was familiar with computers even before he came to Tokyo.
Hamano already had a computer in his room when he was in high school. Since I was connected to the Internet, I had been watching it since I was in the first grade, but by the time I was in the third grade,
“Hey, Kisaburo.
asked my father sternly in the living room.
“Oh, yeah. But I won’t pay you.”
“Oh, but there are dangerous sites, yes or no.”
“I’m fine for now, bye.”
“Yes, ho. If you find something good, tell me too.”
“Oh, I want to (I will). Dad.”
At that time, I had already decided that I wanted to go to an art college in Machida, and my father didn’t say much because I had passed the recommendation. Then Kisaburo continued,
“If you look at it for the study of art (because you see it), it will be beneficial.”
“Oh. That’s good.”
…, Hamano remembered when he heard on the phone recently that his father had entered a Japanese uncensored site from the United States. In Kumamoto, there aren’t many customs, and the women of the Fire Country are quick to act, so there are quite a few women who let me do it. So, Hamano went shopping at Hamano Denki, and was invited by a woman in her twenties. .
“I’m sorry.” Hamano bowed his head and apologized.
“Yokato (okay). For the first time, that’s what it’s like (that’s what it’s like). Well, be careful and train (get it).”
“Yes. Yes…”
The woman laughed and pulled up her white panties. (If I go to Tokyo, how many people will I be able to meet?)
Hamano stared at the woman’s buttocks with her back turned, and thought vacantly.
Hamano traveled to Hakone on the Odakyu Line.
The northwestern part of Kanagawa Prefecture is full of mountains. Hakone is in the southwest, but sightseeing buses are always coming and going.
Not for sightseeing purposes, but to have an exorcism at a certain shrine. The images of the lower half of the woman taken with the mobile phone showed the upper half of the body and disappeared.
And above all, even if you tried to erase the image, it would not disappear. I asked him to take it to a cell phone shop and have it erased, but the clerk couldn’t do it, and I asked the store manager to come, but it was impossible. The store manager
“This must be a photo of the victim of that murder, at the Machida Print Museum.”
“Oh, yes, yes, I was there at the time.”
“But you know, I’ve never had a request to erase the image at my shop, so if you don’t mind, I’ll send it to the mobile phone company.”
“No, even if it breaks, that’s it, and I’m still using this cell phone.”
“Then, is it okay to stay like this?”
“Yeah, that’s all for today, goodbye.”
Hamano left the store like an escaped rabbit. After that, I searched the internet and found a shrine that performed an exorcism. Hurry up and call me,
“Oh, that’s fine. Bring it to me. Whatever it is, we’re exorcising it.”
It was a lazy answer.
Hamano hears it rattling around on the Odakyu Line train.
“Next is Minami Gangbang, Minami Gangbang.”
I heard an announcement in the car. When I arrived at the station, the name of the station was Minamirinkan.
“Central gangbang. Central gangbang.”
I heard an announcement, but I immediately recognized that it was Chuorinkan.
When he arrived at the station where he wanted to get off, Hamano lightly got off the platform.
After getting off the ticket gate, the relaxing scenery of Kanagawa spreads out, and it seems as if time has stopped. Today is a leisurely Sunday, but few people go to the shrine. Partly because it was early in the morning. Before long, the shrine, surrounded by forest, came into view. When he arrived at the reception, Hamano saw the face of the shrine maiden who was there.
 I was surprised. It’s a face I’ve seen on my usual dating site before. In the past, Kanagawa was called Soshu, and it seems that Soshu women were said to sleep with straw, but there are AV actresses from Kanagawa Prefecture, and ordinary actresses from Kanagawa who like men. Even shrine maidens are just women, and virgins may not exist these days. The shrine maiden proudly posted a picture of herself on her profile. Seeing Hamano’s surprised face, the shrine maiden said,
“Is there anything you’re looking for, huh?”
I asked. The shrine maiden appears to be in her early twenties.
“Ah, no. Today, I had a reservation for an exorcism. My name is Hamano.”
“Then please wait.”
When I answered, the woman in Japanese clothes turned her back and stood up. The area around the buttocks is charming even from the top of the kimono. Hamano gulped down his saliva.
A middle-aged Shinto priest wearing an eboshi hat came immediately.
“Come on, let’s go to the shrine.”
Hamano followed after the priest. Compared to a normal shrine, it felt like it was decorated more gorgeously.
“Which one do you want to exorcise?”
The Shinto priest listened slowly. Hamano ragged his pocket and took out the mobile phone. It is what is now called a Galapagos cell phone. Smartphones hadn’t come out yet.
“Oh, it’s a mobile phone. Is there something in it?”
“Yes. It’s a ghost photograph.”
“Hmm, can you show me which one?”
Hamano took out the bizarre photo on his mobile phone and showed it to him. God sees it,
“Hmm, it doesn’t look like there’s anything in the photo, but let’s clean it up just in case.”
he started beating the drums more and more . Heeee. It was the shout of the goddess who raised her voice.
“I’m smart enough to run away…”
and the great purification prayers are read aloud there.
The priest took Hamano’s mobile phone with his left hand and waved the heihaku with his right hand two or three times.
I was fired up. After that, when I returned the mobile phone to Hamano,
“I’m done with the exorcism. I don’t think there will be any problems after that.”
Hamano handed over the firstfruits fee of 5,000 yen in an envelope to the priest. When I looked at the reception when I left the shrine and returned, that woman was still there. Hamano thought about sending an email to that shrine maiden on that dating site next time. At that moment, the mobile phone suddenly rang.
“Yes Hello.”
“thank you.”
“Huh? Who are you?”
“No, I didn’t think you would go out of your way to perform an exorcism for me.”
“Eh. Who are you?”
It is the voice of a young woman. Hamano’s teeth clicked .
“I’m thinking of doing something as a thank you, but what would you like?”
“Hey, I don’t need anything.
Hamano quickly hung up the phone. He headed for the station, holding back the urge to urinate. I could feel the receptionist looking at him suspiciously. (Such a silly story…was there, but it must have been an exorcism…)
When I got on the Odakyu train, the people headed for Tokyo on Sunday seemed bright, but Hamano felt something cold on his back. It was almost full, so when I was standing there, a young man next to me said,
“Even on the way home from the Machida Print Art Museum, let’s take a commemorative photo on a nearby park bench.”
said to the man with him.
“Ah. Something might come out. I’m looking forward to it.”
“If you take a picture, let’s publish it on the internet.”
“Nico Nico Douga is fine.”
“Even Ustream.”
(Anything is fine, but don’t do it.) Hamano didn’t say anything.
Hamano returned to Haramachida’s apartment, and while he was surfing the net, it became night, so he went to Lawson nearby and bought a bento. Points are accumulated using the Lawson card.
After I finished eating, my cell phone rang again.
“Yes Hello.”
“Oh, it’s me from earlier. Don’t hang up on me.”
“What do you want, or who are you really?”
“Of course it’s the ghost on your phone.”
“No, then where are you calling from?”
“It’s the spirit world, but I still have some regrets in your world. So I got permission to make a special phone call from the spirit world. We have something like a mobile phone here. , you need special permission to call them.”
“Nonsense! Do you really think I would believe such a story?”
“The spirit world also has something like a mobile phone company, right? So, calling to that world is only for special cases, such as when you still have some regrets. Often, I get calls from the other world. There’s a ghost story that says, “That’s how people make phone calls.”
Hamano looked at the number notification, but it was not notified.
“Since you were exorcised, you don’t have to come out anymore.”
“Well, it’s not like I’m going to curse you or anything like that, but I want to give you something else to enjoy. Isn’t that fine?”
“I don’t really want to thank you.”
“Don’t be so reserved, it’s fine. You, that Suzuyo Midorikawa is just a woman, your dick is not enough, is it?”
“Oh my God. That might be true. But…”
“Then I’ll be your pussy partner.”
Then, all of a sudden, the Sono phone was cut off.
Although there was fear, Hamano also had expectations for that woman. (It would be nice if she showed up in that nude. People say that mercy isn’t good for people, but in this case, it’s good for me too.)
So Hamano looked at a picture of a flip phone (a normal mobile phone until now). Then, this time, the woman in that photo is wearing clothes.
(Hey, you can wear clothes.) The night went on, but that woman didn’t come out. Hamano fell asleep with the flip phone in hand. Without dreaming, Hamano woke up the next morning and wondered if the previous night had been an illusion. My own expectations may have made me see an illusion. There is such a thing as a daydream. I left the apartment wondering if that was the case. After walking about 100 meters,
“Hey, Hamano. You look fine, you and your son.”
A classmate, Sangoro Hayate, suddenly appeared. He’s slim, tall, sweet-masked, and very feminine.
“Oh, hurry up, hurry up.”
“Today, you look dull. What’s wrong?”
“No, it’s nothing. It’s nothing.”
“Again, don’t lie. Isn’t that about women? If you’re a woman, leave it to me.”
“Oh, I want to leave it to you.
“Inverse aid? Oh.
“That’s just my aunt.”
“What a difference, a female college student who goes to a hostess club for a part-time job. I received a lot of ten thousand bills.”
“So, how long is that?”
“A month, eighty to one million.”
The two stopped when the traffic light at the intersection turned red.
using dating
“It’s no surprise. It’s not that much.”
Hayashi says with a grin.
“But it’s because you’re a good guy that you’re so successful.”
Hamano glanced sideways at Hayate.
“Oh, no. First of all, I only use dating sites, so I don’t post pictures of myself.”
“Then, just by email?”
“Ah, that’s right. Unlike men, women are weak in words. Men judge women mostly based on their appearance, and they don’t care much about what women say. Women are the opposite. .”
“I see.”
“I think it was in Hong Kong, and there was an actress there. She said she absolutely didn’t want a bed scene, but the director persuaded her to do it for about four hours. Doesn’t that show that you’re weak with words?”
“Oh, yes.”
“That’s why people who can’t use dating sites don’t understand that. They meet only by e-mail and guide them to hotels. This is also all about words.”
“Speaking of which, I don’t think so either.”
“People who couldn’t use dating sites don’t know how to attack women with words. It’s often written on the internet that you can’t meet people on dating sites, but all you have to do is learn how to persuade them. Also, know the words women use. If you don’t, you’ll be beaten by Nekama, or rather, Hamano, do you have a dating site?”
“Oh, just a little. Just a little.”
“I did well?”
“It’s a little bit, but I’ll use this story as a reference.”
The signal turned green. While walking,
“My uncle also uses dating sites. He graduated from our art college in Machida. Now he’s a web designer, but his salary is low. He says that dating is the only thing he enjoys. .”
“Yes. Let’s become web designers.”
“Let’s think about it. Your uncle’s name is Hayate Sanshirō.”
A university building entwined with ivy came into view.
magic jack of all trades
 Recently, there are things like cursing services on the Internet, but the woman was a 25-year-old witch who came to Machida from a foreign country, and was taking orders in a room in a building in Haramachida.
However, most requests are made via e-mail from the Internet. It seems that she specializes in black magic such as curses and predatory love.
Her name is Cammel, but in her home country, a female relative of hers also made a living from black magic. By summoning and requesting demons, that method has already cursed about 100 people.
Cammel also uses the same method, but in Japan, there are still no requests for curse killing, and it is said that there are many requests for predatory love. In particular, it seems that it is often said that he wants to succeed in an affair with his OL boss.
Mr. Cammel, I am a 23-year-old clerk at a major company, and have been having an affair with my boss for a year now. Of course, the manager is married and has a child, but he says that his wife, who devotes herself to childcare, is no longer attractive.
We usually have sex during lunch break in the storeroom of the company’s conference room, but I also try not to raise my voice.
I want to shout out loud for once. For that reason, I hope that this affair will be successful and that the manager will divorce his wife.
Predatory love magic, please. I work in an office in Marunouchi, Tokyo.
Cammell replied.
Please send the manager’s name and, if possible, his address.
Rather than casting magic based on what was sent, it was a request to the devil.
I want to request
Yuna came to know such Cammel.
I found it while surfing the net on my computer in my room. That high school girl named Eri Kenjou, I often see her in Takagasaka about once a week.
It always gets involved, but somehow I managed to shake it off. (You can cut ties with her, too. That rotten girl is a noisy one. Maybe I should ask her. Well, it’s not Machida. Maybe I should go directly.)
On her way home from school the next day, Yuna went to Haramachida’s room where the witch was.
Located on the top floor of a ten-story office building. The first floor is a flower shop, and there are many restaurants nearby. It seems that this flower is also a place chosen because it is often used in magic.
Taking the elevator to the 10th floor, Yuna saw a room with a large silver five-pointed star drawn right in front of her. When you approach and press the intercom,
“Please, visitor.”
A voice with a foreign accent said.
When I opened the door, I found myself in a room about 10 tatami mats filled with purple smoke, and on the desk was a crystal in the shape of a human skull.
“Welcome. Come on, put your butt over there.”
As advised, Yuna sat down on the black cushioned chair.
“So, what kind of trouble are you?”
When I asked that question, Cammel smiled confidently.
“Oh yeah. So what kind of person are you?”
“Yes, it’s a high school girl, but she says I’m an illegitimate child. She says she’s my father’s real daughter.”
“It may or may not be true. In truth.”
“That’s not true, because I was brought up properly by my father.”
the truth is
Cammel turned to face what appeared to be an altar on his left.
“Then let us ask this, and the Spirit will answer at once.”
She folds her hands, tilts her head slightly, and quietly closes her eyes. Then, after a while, when I opened my eyes,
“After all, you are not your father’s biological child.”
“Is that so? Can I believe that…”
“And the spirit replied that the high school student named Stalker was a real child.”
“Yeah. Then, can’t you please get rid of that child from me?”
“I can’t. They are called devils in Japan, but they are ancient gods who have been made demons by Christianity. You can’t ask the gods to do something that doesn’t make sense.”
“Okay. How much will it cost?”
“Oh, nothing, if I can’t do it, no money, no money, I don’t need it. Huh?”
Cammel opened his eyes wide and looked at Yuna. and,
“Isn’t your mother Kana Tamiya?”
“Yes, but how do you know that?”
“That’s because you look a lot like your mother. Actually, you’re mine.”
Cammel closed his mouth tightly. and smile sweetly,
“I can’t ask the spirits, but I’ll do something for you. I’ll call you if I can think of one, so please give me your cell phone number.”
I asked in a very gentle tone.
“Yes. It’s Galapagos, but 090…”
People are naturally interested in their names. There are even people who chose their career path based on their name. So the man who works at a local bank in Machida City was seized by a certain impulse. He is very gentle and soft-spoken like a banker, but because of his name, he has a career that has not been passed on to the sales person.
For acquaintances,
“Mr. Gou. Isn’t it okay to get married now?”
It is often said that
“No, not yet.”
I answered shyly. When I finish work at 5 o’clock, I come home to a nearby steel-reinforced apartment and watch adult DVDs every day.
It can be said that most bank employees are straight-laced, but there is a former bank employee who appeared in an adult DVD a long time ago, so it is not surprising that he is the case. There is also an example of a person who used to work for a major electronics manufacturer who changed jobs to a sex shop. That major electronics manufacturer is now in the red.
By the way, his name is Kanta Gou. Read it as it is, it’s a good idea. I didn’t say anything when I was in elementary and junior high school, but in high school and college, I was used as a tease. If there is any rape,
“Go, isn’t it you? The culprit.”
And so on.
bank clerk 2
In the first place, when her mother went to Machida City Hall to submit her name, the receptionist put on a wry smile, but she accepted it.
There was no problem when I graduated from university and got a job at the current regional bank. But the influence of the name was steadily starting to stir in his head.
After a certain period of training, when he sat down at the counter, when a young woman came in, finished her business, and turned her back, Gou used to look at her buttocks.
And then, (if only I could rape that woman…), etc.
You can do this because you’ve been in front of the mirror at night, watching the expressions on your face and learning to control them. As a bank employee, I can’t go to a rental shop and rent adult DVDs, so I buy adult DVDs online because it’s a convenient time. After all, there are more AVs of rape these days.
When the ping-pong and the door chime ring,
“Mr. Go, Japan Post.”
It’s only natural that the mail received is addressed to Kanta Gou, but what’s inside is a rape DVD, which makes him smile a little.
While watching it on my computer, I want to execute it, but since he is a person who will be hired by a bank, I do not think about acting impulsively.
(Isn’t there a way I can’t find something?)
I think In Machida City, the downtown area is only around the station, so if you go a little further, there are many places where there are few people. Street lights are dark at night. And there are many parks. Trees are planted and there are many shaded areas. The biggest problem is that people can see your face.
law of attraction
This Law of Attraction, which has become a hot topic recently, helped Kanta Go to fulfill his wish.
The desire to rape every day, and the thought of not being found out attracts a certain amount of people. He saw Cammel’s site on the Internet. (You can make any wish come true.)
Before getting married, Gou wishes to experience the pleasure of rape. I can do it because I am single now, and it goes without saying that it would be difficult if I had a wife.
Of course, he has an erection every other day, but it is difficult for a bank employee to go to the sex industry. It’s not like I can’t go there, but after all, I’m a prostitute and have a bank account, and I’m cautious because some of my seniors got involved with Miss Deriheru.
That senpai met with Miss Deriheru, whom she had called to the city hotel last night, at the counter. When the business was over, the delivery health lady wrote a memo and gave it to the senior. For that,
I want to talk to you about last night. call me. If you don’t… I’ll think about it
and the phone number of the woman’s mobile phone was written.
law of attraction 2
As a result, the senior employee called Miss Deriheru at night.
“Hello. I called and it’s that banker.”
“Oh, that bank clerk. I want hush money.”
“How much do you have?”
“Yes. About two million yen, maybe.”
“That, that, isn’t it a little expensive?”
“Oh, you want to lose your job as a banker?
“Oh, of course, I’ll find the money soon. But with this, I have to get this over with.”
“Yes, probably. My account number is…”
It was the account of the branch where Go works. During the lunch break of the next day, the village senior immediately transferred the money.
“So, township. I don’t want you to do that.”
While drinking at Machida’s snack bar, my senior told me the story.
“Yeah, I’ll be careful, don’t worry.”
“Well, in your case, I think it’s rape, but no, it’s a joke.”
Gokanta is no joke, I thought. In his head, he would come up with jokes such as “I want to have a gang rape at a forest school”, but there were times when he couldn’t tell anyone.
He was like a banker, and he was working hard to save money, so I was able to get a sense of the senior’s story. That’s why I decided not to call delivery health, and because I stopped using dating sites, I couldn’t find a place to release my sexual desire.
As for the workplace, since the branch has been putting off hiring young women, there are only female employees in their late thirties who are married.
Of course, those women were stubborn and didn’t show any chances, and they never talked about anything unnecessary. Speaking of the appearance of the town, it is of medium build, narrow eyes, and mediocre. Perhaps because of that, the women around me never looked at me favorably. One day, I found out about Bashar on the internet.
do what excites you
So says the cosmic being. Gokanta thought. The thing that excites me is rape.
 to the fourth dimension
Human beings need most to do things that excite them, and it seems that this will elevate them to a four-dimensional existence.
(What a wonderful teaching, isn’t it? Until now, I had been hesitant about the act of rape, but Bashar’s teaching overcame it.)
Thinking that, Gou burst into tears. Savior than Jesus Christ. There are people in Japan who can channel Bashar, a cosmic being.
(When you move to the 4th dimension, you become something different from your existence on Earth. For example, yes, you might be able to put it in a bank vault.)
Gokanta thought that love is necessary for everything, so rape is also love. As long as there is love, rape is possible in this world. what should I do? Even if I come up with something, I can’t help myself, so I have to go to Machida’s witch.
If love becomes the only motivation for people, then wars will disappear, but rapes will not.
♪Love is everything, of course, so rape is love♪
As I danced, I thought that Westerners love love, so I’m sure they love rape as well. Maybe Cammel also had a desire to be raped in the past… Kanta Gou, who hoped that if he could rape as many women as possible, he might be able to go to the 5th dimension. Thing, Go Go Go Kanta!
teachings of witches
“So, I want to win over women no matter what.”
At the witch’s room in Haramachida, Kanta Go, a bank employee, spoke.
“Hohoho, you want to rape me.”
“Eh, do you know why?”
“No, because the Spirit told me when you came in.”
“No, it’s occult and mysterious. However, I also have a socially responsible profession, so it would be bad if it was exposed, and I would like to find a way to suppress it.”
“Don’t take it so seriously. Find a woman who wants to be raped the way you want to be raped.”
“Oh, I see. I think that’s wonderful. But I don’t know what to do.”
“I’ll ask the spirits to do that. If it works, I’ll demand a reward from you.”
“What is the amount?”
“Well, at least 500,000 yen.”
“Heh, it’s surprisingly cheap. For that reason, I’m saving money and I’m a banker. I’m fine with that payment. If I can go to the fourth dimension…”
“Huh? In the fourth dimension?”
“No, nothing. Today is the Law of Attraction, isn’t it?”
“Yes, that’s right. God, the spirit, will attract it.”
“In that case, M woman…”
“Huh? What?”
“No, it doesn’t matter who you can rape, if that’s the case, it’s a M woman…”
“Good. Wait a minute.”
The young witch put her white hands together, bowed her head slightly, and closed her eyes.
Annunciation of the Spirit
“The woman who will be raped by you will appear.”
When I opened my eyes, the beautiful witch declared so. I’m so happy, thought Sato,
“Then you can do it.”
“That’s right. That’s why the Spirit will guide you. Don’t worry. Then please come here again. Then I’ll introduce you to someone.”
“Yes. Then how about next Sunday?”
“Let’s do it, then, all right.”
After leaving his room and taking the elevator down to the first floor, Kanta Go went out into the shopping district of Haramachida, where he ran into that senior.
“Saijo-senpai, how about this?”
“Hey, isn’t it Sato? If you don’t mind, let’s go to a coffee shop. I’ll treat you.”
“Yes, I am happy to accompany you.”
When I entered a coffee shop nearby, Shuuichi Saijo, a senior at the bank, said,
“It’s nice here, let’s sit down.”
“Yes. It’s sudden, but what do you think of Bashar, senior?”
“Oh, that New Age guy. It’s an American joke.”
“But I agree with you that it’s important to do things that excite you.”
“That’s right, if it’s me… Ah, coffee. Two. Go, is that okay?”
“Yes, please.”
“Oh, you went over there. I would be thrilled to see the underwear of a single woman nearby, and since it’s within reach, I’d be thrilled to receive it. I can’t do that. .”
“Saijo-senpai seems to be popular with women, so you don’t have to do that, right?”
“No, a man who is popular is unexpectedly alone,” he said.
“Are bankers going to be arranged marriages after all?”
“That’s right. Mr. Noguchi, the manager of the branch, told me that he would bring me a matchmaking story.”
“Jiro Noguchi, isn’t it? If I work hard enough, can I become like you, Saijo-senpai?”
“You can do it. A banker’s only merit is to be serious. I’m kind of hungry. Let’s have some curry.”
“Please, I’m fine.”
 Hamano had put the money he earned from reverse dating in the closet of his apartment room, but since it had accumulated a lot, he decided to deposit it in the bank.
When you go to a nearby local bank to open an account,
At the window, I met a man with a name tag saying, “Sato.”
“I’d like to open an account, but it’s a savings account.”
“I’m sorry. Now, please fill in this one.”
Hamano wrote down the necessary information on the paper that was handed out.
“That’s all.”
When I said that, he gave me eighty 10,000 yen bills.
“Thank you very much for entrusting me with so much.”
“No, what is this, it’s not that much, is it?”
“Even if you are a student, do you start a business or do something related to the Internet?”
“No, I don’t do that sort of thing.”
“If you are going to start a business and need funds, please take out a loan from our bank.”
“Yes. I’ll think about it.”
On his way to the entrance of the bank with his back turned, Hamano was approached by a man with a name tag of Saijo.
“thank you very much.”
He thanked me deeply. (I want to earn money other than reverse aid. Is it an internet business?)
 Starting a business with information
Curious about what a banker named Go had said, Hamano looked up what entrepreneurship is, and found out that there was also a term called information entrepreneurship. But I don’t have much information. There was a story about someone who made a million dollars by making a DVD of how to train a dog, but I didn’t have that kind of skill. Everyone has information, but they don’t actually have much information. Although some people are in a position to know confidential information if they work for a company, it cannot be made public.
(I can’t start a business on the internet… Yes, I have a track record of reverse dating… but I don’t have any particular technique. I don’t want to release it (I can’t make it public). It would be a problem if everyone knew.)
young dream
On the way home from school the next day, Hamano met Sangoro Hayate. The early move is
“Hey, Hamano. You look unimpressed.”
“Oh, I thought about starting a business online, but I can’t think of it.”
“Hmm. We have art. Shall we throw it away?”
“No, I was just thinking about it.”
Hamano stopped behind a large tree on the school grounds and continued,
“I don’t think any kind of information business will last long.”
Hayashi nods,
“It will take a few years. Before long, someone else will show up saying that he or she made money online, and everyone will go there. Let’s do it.”
A young female student suddenly passed by. If you lightly raise your right hand for a quick move,
“Yo, hill.”
“Oh, Hayate-kun, you’re with your friends.”
“Oh, my name is Hamano.”
“Oh, I’m Hamano. Nice to meet you.”
“My name is Sarena Oka. Nice to meet you.”
As for the early move, while grinning,
“Ah, Hamano. I have a good internet business. I wonder if I should try shooting a DVD of Mr. Oka’s nudes.”
“Well, no. There’s no way I can do that.”
“But think about it.”
“good bye.”
The hill left quickly. A long black skirt caught Hamano’s eye. She’s skinny yet has a lot of meat on her butt. I forgot to mention the chest, but it must be there.
Hamano is
“Do you want me to ask you again next time?”
Puff out your chest for a quick move,
“Let’s do it. After all, it’s Sarena Oka. You can read it as it is, don’t be raped.”
“Oh, you mean rape. She’s half.”
“It seems that your father is from Northern Europe.”
At that time,
“Hey, you two. Long time no see.”
It was my classmate Oka who called out to me. The early move is
“What, Oka. Did you come to school today? It’s unusual.”
“Oh, I’m getting tired of working part-time as an AV actor.”
Hamano widened his eyes and said,
“What, can you introduce me too?”
“Okay, but one bottle costs 10,000 yen.”
“Cheap, think about it.”
“Well, these days, gay DVDs are more expensive, and they cost 50,000 yen per DVD.”
“Did Oka appear on a gay DVD?”
“No, I haven’t done it yet. Besides, I’m not that short of money. I was just doing it as a hobby. And the other day, I was told by an AV actress that I wasn’t serious enough.”
Hayate made a face like, “Hmm, hmm,”
“Hey, Oka. I was just thinking about making a DVD with Sarena Oka.”
“Oh, that half-girl. I want to try it.”
“Isn’t that right? Because your name is Okashitai and her name is Sarena Oka.”
Okashidai laughed out loud,
“That’s right. I was also very worried about why my parents gave me such a name.
“I wanted you to become a person with big ambitions. 』
That’s what I’m saying. But maybe because of the influence of reading on, I was able to hide my face in an adult DVD when I was in high school at the age of 18. I have a big body. ”
I see, Shidai Oka has the physique of a professional wrestler. Hamano listens,
“AV waits until erection, waits for erection, I guess.”
“Ah, but in my case, it’s not, it’s always instant in the sense of immediate. I get erections quickly.”
Hayato grinned,
“Then let’s hope. Think about it.”
“Yeah, but I’m a little embarrassed to show you guys my dick.”
For early hand, make a circle with your right thumb and index finger,
“I wish I could be like this.”
“Yeah, that’s right. It would be nice if you guys let out your dick too.”
Hayate and Hamano looked at each other with a refusal expression. Oka is
“Oh, maybe I can do something nice if I can get it alone. Well then, I’ll do the drawing of a nude woman at home, so goodbye for today.”
Okashidai walked away. Hamano and Hayate also slowly started walking from that spot.
with foreign countries
 Eyama , the assistant director, asked a question in the room of the building of the association with the beautiful witch Chammel. Eyama used to be an art supply dealer in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, but now he is also an art dealer for Shinichiro Tamiya’s paintings.
“Fukuoka is a better place to invite the god Horus to Japan.”
“Ah, there were many people living in Fukuoka who translated Japanese magical books. Also,”
So Chammel flashed his blue eyes,
“Even in astrology, a solar eclipse signifies the downfall of a previous authority, in the old days a king. After the total solar eclipse of 2009, the Libyan leader was simply killed.”
“It was about the militiamen who called him a mouse. When the revolutionary army captured Gaddafi, they apparently stuck a stick through his pants through the hole in his buttocks.”
“That’s also what a solar eclipse can bring about. In Japan, the ruling party has ended and is still in place. And TEPCO is also in a shaky present. Even after the annular solar eclipse, various phenomena will occur. It’s going to happen. Remember, it’s the downfall of what used to be authoritative.”
“Yes. Then, is it better to go to Fukuoka?”
“I’ll try it soon. Germany also united East and West a long time ago, but in the case of Japan, unless the capital is moved, it could become the Potsdam Declaration again. This time. In terms of the economy, the momentum of Chinese home appliance manufacturers is already strong.”
Eyama, too, had a gloomy face at that.
one cycle
Chammel brought the lapis lazuli-encrusted index finger of his left hand to the tip of his nose. The power stone called lapis lazuli is said to have mental stability and other benefits. Eyama lowered his head and said,
“It is true that the name of the place Edo was 260 years of peace and stability, but from 1868, the first year of the Meiji era, to 1945, the end of the war, there were only 77 years. But even at this time, it’s not unpredictable that there will be an end to something.”
“History repeats itself, Vico says.”
“Then, it may be said that Japan is coming to an end as an economic powerhouse, but for mere art dealers like me, this is an unthinkable problem.”
“The cycle centered on Tokyo will sooner or later collapse. Automakers are headquartered in Aichi Prefecture and never change their headquarters, the top pharmaceutical company is headquartered in Osaka, and there is a top meat company in Osaka, so there is no Japanese company in Tokyo that was called the top economy. This is also different from the scheme that held power in Tokyo during World War II, so I think it is unlikely that it will be a second Potsdam acceptance.”
With an expression of admiration, Eyama said,
“Grandmaster is good at Japanese. And that knowledge is…”
“Oh, no. My mother was Japanese. That’s why I’ve been listening to and speaking Japanese since I was little. I can even read Japanese books.”
Come to think of it, Eyama had the feeling that Chammel’s legs weren’t that long, so he was persuaded by this.
dispersion of the center
After parting the black hair with the left hand, Chammel said,
“Yes, creating a new PowerPoint in Fukuoka will also help Japan’s economic development, and my mother, who is still abroad, will be very happy.”
Eyama looked out the window. The scenery of Machida seemed weak to him. I thought it might be better for me to return to the land of my ancestors.
that woman
 On the way home from school, Hamano and Shidai Oka were at Serigaya Park in Machida. There weren’t many people, and I enjoyed sitting on the bench and talking while looking at the nearby trees. Oka took out Shiro’s mobile phone and said,
“It’s not a smartphone yet, but I found a good dating site, so I thought I’d tell you.”
Hamano was curious and grinned.
“What is it like? I’ll tell you.”
“This is it. They say it’s OK to use a photo . Anyway, it’s a hot topic because all the registered women are posting their own photos.”
“It’s normal that there are many dating sites where you don’t put your face on it. And there are a lot of weird guys.”
“Yeah. Most dating sites don’t allow women to register. Plus, it’s free. Here, women can’t register unless they authenticate with a credit card, so it seems there aren’t any strange guys. ”
Hamano’s expression suddenly became lively,
“I’ll register there too. This looks interesting.”
“Oh, do that. Besides, you can have your own e-mail address here. For men, they give you something called masturbation mail. You can use 10 gigabytes of space. Of course, it’s a free address, and that masturbation mail. There is an image of a nude woman on the screen, and you can send it while watching it.”
“Is it okay if I text you while masturbating?”
“Maybe so, I will send it after squeezing it a little, and I have the pleasure of changing the image every time.”
“Somehow, it seems that an SNS for women who want to have sex, called Ixie , has finally been made.”
“It’s hard to meet people on social media.
Hamano asked Oka about the dating site and registered on the spot. Suddenly in front of them two young men passed and sat down on a nearby bench.
The two young men sitting on the bench, who seemed to be college students, suddenly started hugging and kissing each other. When Hamano and Oka were stunned and looked at it, one person who took his face away said,
“What are you guys looking at? You guys are gay too.
When I protested, this time, I saw the two of them deep kiss and their tongues intertwined. Hamano and Oka immediately stood up from the bench and rushed through the place.
It is said that the recent gay population is rapidly increasing. The number of men who never get married is increasing more than ever before. It is said to be eight times as many as thirty years ago. Some of these men seem to have decided not to get involved with women anymore, and the gay boom is still quietly underway as of 05/01/2012. After all, even major adult DVD makers seem to be making their male employees appear in gay films, so it seems that the issue of gay DVD appearances by students related to physical education colleges is progressing more than a while ago. Also, gay stuff may be gaining popularity in rentals and the like. From now on, AV people will have to use both swords. However, Hamano and Oka had no intention of doing so.
After returning to his apartment, Hamano logged into the dating site he had registered earlier and searched for his area. Then, after all, the photos of the registered women are lined up. Seeing the face of one of them, Hamano raised his voice.
It was the OL-style woman who appeared in that psychic photo. (Perhaps he had registered on this site before he died.) Thinking that, Hamano called up the e-mail transmission screen with the obtained masturbation e-mail. Then, a nude image of a young woman’s upper body appeared below where I wrote the email.
Subject Long time no see
You called me some time ago. Were you here before you died?
An email was sent back within a minute.
Subject Dead but still alive
I was in before I died, but I can reply to emails like this. If you don’t mind, why don’t we meet?
Hamano was horrified when he saw the reply email. After all, that woman called me. When I thought that, I replied with a trembling hand.
Subject Let’s meet
But I don’t have a psychic eye, so I wonder if I can see you.
This time around twenty minutes later I got a reply.
subject don’t worry
Of course, I can’t see spirits without my psychic eyes, but I’ll do something about it, and I’ll see you next Sunday in front of Machida Station. Eleven o’clock in the morning would be nice.
(I don’t know what to do about it.) Thinking that, Hamano replied.
Subject I understand
Well then, I’ll wait.
Hamano wondered if ghosts would actually come, but turned off the Internet screen on his mobile phone.
go to fukuoka
The Fukuoka branch of the magical association “Star of the Rose” was in a room in a building near Hakata Station, but Chammel and Eyama planned to move the headquarters and decided to head to Fukuoka. Fukuoka is known for many things, but one of the things is that Fukuoka has the highest rape rate in Japan for consecutive years. It’s a joke that women who want to be raped should come to Fukuoka. There seems to be no There may be many in the Chikuho region, and if you want to travel around Fukuoka prefecture to get raped, that would be fun too. It’s just that I don’t know if such a woman exists.
There is no such thing as a Fukuoka rape experience tour among travel agency tours. This kind of rape rate may be caused by women in Fukuoka, or rather, it’s possible that there are many women with such desires. It may seem imprudent, but there may actually be many people in Fukuoka who are loyal to the recent spiritual movement, which calls for the Law of Attraction and the practice of doing things that excite you. Let’s leave it at Kyushu Dai, or rather, let’s leave it at that. That Kyushu University, Kyushu University, a national university, is in the process of moving. So Chammel and Eyama are thinking of moving the Fukuoka branch closer to the new location of Kyushu University rather than near Hakata station. As of 2012, the remaining land in Hakozaki, where Kyushu University is located, is quite noisy with planes taking off and landing, which seems to be one of the reasons for the move.
Fukuoka Branch
 Arriving in Fukuoka, Chammel and Eyama got off Hakata station and exited from the Chikushi exit, that is, the south side.
Immediately after exiting, the video on the large screen is in the building across the traffic light. The flow of people and cars is always tight.
Leaving from this side is not very useful for sightseeing in Fukuoka City. For sightseeing purposes, it is better to leave from the north called Hakata Exit. However, the purpose of the two was not sightseeing, so they headed for a room in a multi-tenant building about 200 meters from the south. There is no place to play around here except for the bowling alley called Hakata Star Lane.
All of them are company buildings or condominiums, and there are condominiums, but the small wooden apartments have already disappeared, and there are no public baths that are still in Tokyo. Public baths are disappearing from Fukuoka City as well. As of 2012, only a few public baths have disappeared.
A young man appeared before them. Thin and tall in his early twenties, he wore a white shirt and black trousers, just like any other business man. Raise your right hand,
“I’ve been waiting for you. This is a letter from the Fukuoka branch.”
Eyama said, “Hello.” Chammel said, “You look fine.” “Hello. It’s great that you look fine.” She smiled and said, “I’ll take you to the branch.”
 To Dazaifu
Eyama said, “Wait a minute.
“Yes, of course. I’m also interested.”
A young man named Moon turned around and came right up to the two of them. Eyama raised his hand to stop a private taxi passing by. Eyama was in the passenger seat, and Chammel and Fumi were in the back seat. Eyama said in a cheerful voice,
“Driver, to Dazaifu.”
“Yes, I understand.”
It’s not too far from Hakata station to Dazaifu by car. If you go all the way to the south, you will see Sharp’s big building in Fukuoka. After passing through it, enter Onojo City, and further south is Dazaifu. If you see a red bridge, don’t go there, turn left and you’ll come to a green area called the Dazaifu government office ruins. Dazaifu has a long history and is famous for Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. On Sundays, the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine is particularly crowded, but the government building is only a green belt, so there are few people. At one point on the street, Eyama stopped the car.
Kanzeonji Temple
It was in front of the temple. A number of large trees line up, and a small road leads to the temple. There were hardly any people there. Moreover, the age of the building of the temple is strangely old. After all, the temple was built more than 1,200 years ago. Even the bell, a national treasure, is in tatters.
This is where the founder of the Shingon sect, Kukai, had to stay for a while. The three went to the main hall. There weren’t many people. After that, Eyama took the lead, left there, turned right, and after a short walk there was a slightly smaller temple on the right. The feeling I saw here is also quite old.
Kaidan-in Temple
At the temple, the three entered. There was no one here. Amulets are placed in front of the main hall. They cost about 300 yen each. Eyama is
“I heard that this is where Ganjin first came.”
 Japan’s largest
 Chammel looked puzzled,
“Are you a Buddhist monk?”
“that’s right.”
The sentence is
“is that so.”
“Yeah, he taught the precepts here. It must have been before Saicho and Kukai. There is a story that this man, Ganjin, became blind, but it seems that he didn’t actually do that. I know from a true story.”
The sentence is
“What true story?”
Eyama smiled like a twinkling star,
“There is a princess whose physiognomy was examined by Ganjin. Her name is Azumako, and she is the daughter of Fujiwara no Nakamaro. It seems that there is nothing in the world to compare her to, and Ganjin also traveled from here to Kyoto, the capital of the time, where he saw the most beautiful woman of the time. Ganjin looked at her,
“A Thousand Men and a Fierce Face.”
I predicted that. That may have sparked the rumor that Ganjin was blind. If I were blind, I wouldn’t be able to see the face of this princess. However, although Ganjin’s eyes may have deteriorated, he was able to see facial features. Fujiwara no Nakamaro later rebelled and was captured, and he and his family were put to death. At that time, this Touko, who must have been voted as the most beautiful woman in Kyoto at that time, even though the AKB general election seems to be going on now, is this Touko, a soldier of the government army. I was raped by a thousand people. Give it a few days. ”
Fumi made his eyes round like boiled eggs,
“Hey, South Korea has a lot of rapes, but this is also amazing.”
“That’s right. There seems to be no similar example in Japanese history. Moreover, it seems that it was a public gang rape. I think that Toko accepted the government army soldiers who were erected one after another in a missionary position. Naturally, it was a vaginal cum shot. The soldiers must have been waiting in line. When the man in front died, he was replaced by the next one.
Fumi smiles wryly,
“You did a good job. With crowds watching, it’s nowhere near as good as an adult DVD.”
Eyama made a face that said,
“Even in today’s adult DVDs, or even as of May 5, 2012, there aren’t many AV actresses who have had sex with 1,000 men at once.
“No, I don’t know.”
“Anyway, even today’s AV actresses can’t compete with this Fujiwara Toko. It’s about 760. It seems that there was a public execution at that time. To be precise, it seems to be October 764. Well, it’s autumn and the soldiers must have been full of energy, and it must have been a dream come true to be able to meet Touko, whom they’ve wanted to date for a long time.”
Chammel is “….” The sentence is also “….”
“Personality seems to be right, yeah, I guess that’s what being beautiful is like. After all, men want to be with beautiful women. That’s why it’s common for beautiful women to have relationships with multiple men. There is a story, but this Toko may be the most beautiful woman in Japanese history, not the crotch between the legs, but the power to make a thousand soldiers erect in front of a crowd. It’s amazing too.”
The sentence is straightforward,
“Yeah, that’s great.”
“It’s amazing because she’s going to cum one after another. Back then, there weren’t even condoms, and there shouldn’t have been anything like putting it on your face like in an AV. Toko is a transcendental beauty, so everyone I wonder if I didn’t have three minutes.”
“…” “…”
“Whether it’s today’s AV actresses, beauty talents or actresses, there’s not a single woman like this at all.”
The sentence is an admiring face,
“It’s not anywhere in the world, is it? In a few days, I wonder if it’s in some country. But I didn’t know that. First of all, it’s not taught in school education. death.”
“Oh, I won’t tell you. It’s from the 8th century, but most people probably don’t know about it, even the Japanese. Ah, and before Touko reached her climax, it seems like she’s been cumming like premature ejaculation. It seems like a beautiful woman will come out soon.”
With a questioning face, Fumi said,
“What will come out?”
“No, it’s about ejaculation. That’s why I wonder if beauty is sexually dissatisfied. Anyway, Touko didn’t refuse a man like that. She’s a gentle, super beautiful woman.”
Fumi put on a face that said,
“Nowadays AV is incomparable.”
 false Japanese history
 Eyama thought for a while, but eventually
“The most beautiful woman in Japan that everyone knows is Komachi Ono. However, Komachi writes songs, so even if she is famous and talented, can I call her a beauty? Komachi’s face was not drawn from the front, nor was it said that there was no one in the world to compare with like Toko.Komachi was a woman in the 9th century, so she was more than 40 years after Toko. It is also possible that Komachi was greatly hyped up in order to counteract the story of 1,000 people, and that Ono no Komachi is now far better known than Fujiwara Toko. I think that this is the result of the efforts of Japanese historians so far.You don’t want to teach your children the fact that Japan’s most beautiful woman was finally killed by a thousand people. I guess they thought it might be bad for the general public as well.”
Fumi grins and says,
“Japanese historians say Kintama is small. No, is it better to say that the testicles are dwarf?”
“That’s right, he must have worked hard to create rumors about Komachi-sensei in order to hide the true beauty of Japan. I think it was just intellectual beauty.But if that’s the case, it’s a big lie that she’s the most beautiful woman in Japan, and I can see the intention of a historian who wants to erase Fujiwara Toko.”
Fumi has a deeply convinced face,
“Then Fujiwara Touko is the most beautiful woman in Japan.”
“Well, maybe I can boast about it to the world.”
During that time, no one came to the precincts of the temple. A yellow butterfly flew past the three of them. chammel is
“Oh, it looks like Tefutefu is going to fly.”
Eyama was impressed,
“Grand Master is also educated, it’s hard.”
“It’s about time, let’s go here.”
Eyama also
“Let’s do it.”
 sentence story
 The three people who left the precincts were walking with Mt.
“Isn’t there anything around here?”
“Ah, Dazaifu has been left behind in its development as a city.”
As Eyama says, there are no particularly tall buildings or condominiums near the Dazaifu government office ruins, and there are only a few small shops.
Dazaifu is like a bedroom town in Fukuoka. At Dazaifu Tenmangu, there is also a place that I brought. It’s a carefree rural city that makes you wonder if the historical fact that Michizane Sugawara was grief-stricken after being relegated to such a place is true. Near Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, shops are also lined up closely. There are even power stone shops. The sentence is
“Next time, I’ll buy you something, so let’s go to a coffee shop. You’ll feel more comfortable in Fukuoka City. There’s also a large shop.”
Eyama nodded lightly,
“There are many people at Tenmangu today, so let’s go home.”
Fumi stopped a taxi passing nearby. This time, Fumi was in the passenger seat, and when the two of them got in the back, Fumi was doing well.
“To near Hakata Station in Fukuoka City.”
“Yes. Where is it?”
“I’ll tell you when you get close, so start.”
Returning home feels like a rush, and in the blink of an eye, I arrived at the south side of Hakata Station. Around Hakata Station, except for the station building and its vicinity, there are few places to play, so many people gather in Tenjin and its surroundings on Sundays. Therefore, if you are on the south side of Hakata Station, you can take it easy.
literary theory of sentences
 Led by Fumi, the two of them entered a coffee shop in the basement of a building where there wasn’t much traffic. There were no customers, but the three of them advanced to the back. Eyama sat down,
“I see, it’s a quiet one. I think your name is too good to be true if you just look at the kanji for literary man.”
Fumi took a sip of the water left by the owner and said,
“I think so. But my name was Kinsue Manabu. My father is Japanese and my mother is Korean. That’s why I took my mother’s surname, Bun, as my family register name. Perhaps that’s why I became interested in literature.
“So you’re not very interested in the occult?”
“That’s not true. I’m the head of the Fukuoka branch of Rose Star. I’m 30 years old.”
“Yeah, I promoted him because he’s enthusiastic.”
“Yes. I believe Yeats, the Nobel Prize-winning poet, was also head of the London branch of the Golden Dawn, a magical organization. I’m not a celebrity like Yeats, but I’m writing novels in e-books bit by bit. I also want to promote Rose Star. ”
“I’m looking forward to that.”
“So, I feel the darkness of Japanese literature, or rather, there are many people who have committed suicide. I was thinking about the cause of death of Japanese literary figures who recently committed suicide, but I think I understand.There are so many people who committed suicide, and if I can name them, there are Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Takeo Arishima, Osamu Dazai, and Yasunari Kawabata. Except for Kawabata, I think the reason he committed suicide was because of his lack of talent.”
“Well, yes. That’s right.”
“You know? I don’t think talented people commit suicide. If you have something in your head that you want to write about, you’ll definitely want to write it. I think Yukio Mishima is the same, he did it in a flashy way, and as a Japanese, he did it in a way that he shouldn’t.”
At that time, the owner of the shop came to ask for the order. It seems that there are no other people. The sentence is
“Three Kilimanjaro coffees, please.”
“I got it.”
The sentence is a smile,
“It’s my treat. And even though Yukio Mishima is a national thief, he still publishes books, isn’t he? My mother and I are both Japanese, so I can’t say I’m a patriot, but I don’t think literature is like that.Akutagawa didn’t write a long story, so yes, he doesn’t have the talent to write a long story. Dazai is the same, and it seems that there is no one that can be called a feature film.”
“Recently, it was different from how many film directors commit suicide.
“Ah, in Japan at the time, there were many people who read the printed words and were very fond of literature, but we even included the works of a man who committed suicide because he couldn’t write. Even though Yasunari became an old man, I think the reason he died was because he couldn’t write.”
Eyama made a slightly thinking face,
“Come to think of it, there are a lot of people who commit suicide in Tokyo.
“Oh, Tokyo is dark. That’s why I want to read something bright.Japanese literature has a lot of dark things, and I think that’s the orthodox thing.I don’t like it. I feel like I’m writing even though I don’t think I’m talented.I don’t have the imagination to write a novel, so I’m just coloring my own experiences.I don’t want to read this kind of thing at all. The cult’s documents were bright, and I want to make my mother happy, so I’m still doing it.”
 Fatherless family
Eyama took a sip of his coffee,
“You have a strong Korean accent for being educated in Japan.”
“No, I can speak Japanese properly. However, I try to speak to people close to me in a Korean accent like my mother’s, and see how the Japanese react. I want to feel that feeling of being treated as a Korean.I want to feel the same as my mother.”
“Well, we don’t mind if you’re Korean, right, Grandmaster?”
“Yes, don’t worry about it, Mr. Moon.”
Fumi felt relieved and disappointed. A sentence also puts its mouth on the coffee,
“Nowadays, there are people who hate the Korean wave on the Internet, but in reality, electronics manufacturers are losing out to South Korea when it comes to selling TVs in the United States. I think it’s because Korean companies are putting capital into things like TV.On the other hand, Japanese TV is currently in the red, so most electronic manufacturers are in the red, so they can’t even pay for advertising.That’s why Japanese TV dramas aren’t interesting. I don’t watch TV, though.”
“That’s right. We lost to South Korea in television, but we’re behind China in things like microwave ovens.”
Chammel suddenly interrupted,
“If things continue as they are now, Japanese electronics manufacturers will continue to be in the red. We need the power of the god Horus to completely change the situation in Japan.”
I agree with the statement,
“Oh, I am also a Japanese citizen, so I want Japan to regain its momentum. My mother also has Japanese citizenship.”
Current situation in Japan
 Eyama looked far and near,
“That’s true, but even Japanese people buy Haier. That’s why the country doesn’t do anything. It’s better if it’s cheap. And Haier says it won’t be long before Japan withdraws from home appliances. I wonder if the Japanese have been sitting cross-legged too much.I think people in electronics manufacturers in particular think that they will always be the best in the world.Wait, what about Korean dramas? I think you should be aware that one aspect of Japanese industry is in decline.After all, things that cost money are interesting, and even for actors, higher wages are more energizing.Nowadays South Korea is just a little older than Japan, even for electronics manufacturers. In Dazaifu, I also talked about old Japanese history, but I don’t think we should turn our eyes away from the present. It is said that the factory will be closed.There are plans to hire millions of people in the United States.It seems that the labor cost of Chinese workers has increased, so they are going to withdraw, but in Japan, some companies are already in China. The U.S. unemployment problem actually lay in China.”
When the sentence brightens with a smile,
“If the economy in Japan doesn’t improve, my mother’s work won’t improve either. I run a hostess bar for Korean women in Nakasu. Recently, people from Japanese home appliance manufacturers have stopped coming,” he said. .”
“Hmm. There are quite a few Korean women in Fukuoka City.”
“Yes, they are all young. Of course, there are beautiful women who were born and raised in Korea. And they often marry men from Fukuoka.”
 Sarena Oka, a second-year student in the Japanese painting department at Machida University of Fine Arts, has a family that was naturalized in Japan after marrying a Northern European father and a Japanese mother.
She grew up in Sweden until the third grade of elementary school, but after that she was in a Japanese school. It was around my third year of high school that I got to an age where it was painful to read my own name over and over again, but somehow I felt uncomfortable telling my parents about it. She was 170 centimeters tall, with white skin and chiseled features inherited from her father. So when I went to a private high school in Chofu on the JR train, I was often molested on a crowded train. When it got really crowded, no one was watching other people’s movements, so she rubbed her panties from the front of her skirt with her fingers, and grabbed her plump breasts from behind. At that time, Sarena was surprised and felt a sense of beauty, so she withdrew the hands of those men without even being able to say that it was a molester. Also, I often felt a hard object being rubbed against my back skirt, but I learned that it was a man’s stiffness in the summer of my third year of high school, when a male classmate said, I thought it was the same feeling I had when I met him in front of the men’s restroom and was forced to put my hand on the boy’s crotch. The student was the captain of the rugby team. When Sarena shook off her hand and returned it, the student said,
“Oka, what about me? No one can see where Serigaya Park is.”
I smiled when I said that. Without answering, she ran back to her classroom at the speed of a missile.
 after school
After school that day, Sarena Oka was walking from Haramachida near Serigaya Park.
“Hey, Hill. I guess I wasn’t good enough on my own.”
A voice said, and the captain of the rugby club appeared in the middle, and on either side of him, two male students who were probably from the rugby club appeared. Sarena sensed the danger of being a virgin and ran off,
And the captain of the rugby club lightly defended himself. When she bumped into the captain, he held her shoulders firmly,
“Let’s go to the park.”
said in my ear. Sarena was brought into the park with a strong force to resist. There was no one in the deep forest. Sarena was also put her right hand in the groin of the rugby club captain. I had a feeling it was bigger than it was before the school bathroom. The captain looked at the other two,
“You guys can touch me too.”
said. They were on either side of Sarena, putting her right hand and left hand on each of their crotches. (Ah) She thought she was feeling a large piece of chikuwa in her hands. When I moved my hand a little, it felt like a shiitake mushroom or a matsutake mushroom.
“Oh, he moved his hand.
“Fiddle with mine too, oh, come on.”
The two tilted their heads slightly.
 moonlit night
“Hey, there’s a continuation of mine. When it’s over, each of you, one by one, can taste this woman. I’ll taste it first.”
The captain pulled Sarena’s hands away from their crotches and embraced her.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You’re more mature than the Yoshiwara soap lady I went to last time.”
While raising my voice, I pushed my swollen stuff over Sarena’s skirt to her V-zone.
“Hey guys, look over there and see if anyone comes.”
“Yes, Captain.” “Okay.”
They turned their backs and looked at the fountain in the park. but no one was there. The setting sun was already disappearing, so I thought that darkness like black charcoal would come, but I could see the full moon through the clouds. However, the clouds soon covered and there were no lights other than a few street lamps in the park. The captain massaged the breasts of Sarena in her school uniform. She felt some relief, but she also felt that she couldn’t go on like this. The captain’s rough fingers touched between her legs as she tried to escape. At that time, Sarena opened her legs a little. He laid her down on the grass and began to pull her skirt down. Immediately, the pure white panties became exposed, at that time,
“Hey boy, you can’t come over here.”
exclaimed one of the guards. When Sarena glanced sideways, there was a middle school boy standing there watching. Sarena, who met the boy’s eyes,
“Help! Call the police!”
cried. The captain pulled her panties down regardless, revealing Sarena’s dark pubic hair.
 round moon
 The boy has a calm face,
“Stop it, you brainless bastard.”
Said to the captain who had just taken off Sarena’s sailor uniform. The captain looked back at the boy as he put his mouth into her big, plump bra. and,
“You idiot, what are you doing in a daze, hit this brat and throw him outside!!”
The two hurriedly rushed to the boy. Then the clouds disappeared. When the bright full moon illuminated the place, the boy
” Garurururu. ”
cried the beast. Then, jumping over the two people who were closing in, he jumped at the captain who was standing up now.
The captain jumped at the boy and fell on his buttocks on the spot. And when I saw the boy’s face, I couldn’t believe it,
“It’s a wolf, this guy!”
The boy’s face had transformed into a complete wolf. The hands that had turned to the captain were also the furry paws of the wolf. The claws of its front paws touched the captain’s throat. The boy who turned into a wolf raised his claws, and red blood began to flow.
” Wow! ”
The boy howled and gouged out both of the captain’s eyes with both hands.
” Uwaaaaaaaa. ”
The captain let out a scream-like scream. Its eyes rolled on the grass.
 in the dark night
The two guards exchanged glances, dashed at full speed, and fled from the spot. With her panties down, Sarena told the boy,
“Thank you. Come over here.”
I invited him. Of course, she can’t hide the surprise in her eyes. Because the boy’s face is still that of a wolf. Both hands are the paws of a wolf.
I wondered if he could read human speech by his head, but the wolf boy approached Sarena, who was sitting two meters away from the captain, and stood in front of her. The captain groaned ,
“I can’t see. Is it a dark night? It hurts .”
he blurts out. When the boy turned around and was about to jump, Sarena said,
“Wait. I want to thank you. Leave the man alone and come closer.”
At that time, a large black cloud hung over the full moon. Then, in an instant, the wolf’s face and hands returned to the boy’s face and hands.
“Well, that’s strange. Am I dreaming?”
She said, but the sign of a man two meters away, wriggling in pain,
“It’s not a dream. Thank goodness. Hey, how old are you?”
“I just turned eighteen. Today is my birthday.”
The boy replied with an embarrassed look, staring at her half-naked body. Sarena smiled and said,
“Then it’s okay. I was born a little earlier. Hey, hold me.”
and held out both hands to the boy.
“Ah, are you okay? In a place like this.”
“Of course, I feel the most. I’m a virgin.”
“Actually, I’m a virgin too, but I wonder if I can hold you.”
 first time
Sarena silently took off her bra. Her big white breasts, the same color as her underwear, swayed. The boy knelt down and buried his face between her Western cleavages. And when I sucked the nipple from right to left, it became pointed and swollen. Sarena spread her long, straight white legs wide apart, and her large labia opened wide. When the boy clumsily took off his pants and pulled them down, his penis was stretched toward the pale moon of the dark night. He held it in his right hand and pushed it into the entrance where she was greeted. Sarena’s head was as white as her skin because of the pleasure she had never experienced before. The boy also started moving his penis in and out awkwardly and comfortably. A little further away, the Captain is lying and twisting. The grass made a rustling noise. Sarena also twisted her body with pleasure, moving her hips a little, so she made a rustling sound of grass rubbing. Before long, the boy’s hips began to move faster, and he shouted softly. Sarena, who felt the boy’s ejaculation inside herself,
“Ahhhh. Ha, ahhh.”
With a beautiful voice, I writhed with my butt floating. At that moment, the moon appeared more and more round, and the boy’s face gradually changed into that of a wolf.
Sarena was about to go insane with the pleasure of the womb and the confusion in her head looking at the face of the wolf in front of her, but the wolf boy
“It’s okay. I’ll put my face back on now.”
Then, at the same speed as his penis shrinking in Sarena’s vagina, he changed his face from that of a wolf back to that of a boy. Then he left Salena.
With a flushed face she
“It was good. It was my first time, but it didn’t hurt and it felt great.”
“I was like that too. Ah, my name is Ga Sayama. I’m an orphan, so I graduated from junior high school and worked, but you look like a student.”
“Yeah, I’m graduating soon.”
While saying that in a sexy way, I pulled up the white panties that came off my ankles. Sayama also puts on pants, puts on pants. He said to Sarena, who was wearing a sailor suit,
“Also, it might be dangerous, so let’s take him home.”
“Yes, then. Give me your mobile number by then.”
“I’ll tell you. Let’s go.”
“Yeah. Let’s go. Manko, I feel it.”
They rolled past the scurrying captain coldly with their hands over their eyes, still rolling close together.
 on the west coast
Chammel, Eyama, and Fumi were on the coast west of Fukuoka City. It’s not yet the season for beachgoers, so it’s quiet. Beyond that beach, you can see an island and a peninsula. Eyama is
“It seems that there are a lot of resources lying under the sea in Japan. It seems that Japan’s undersea territories have been recognized by the United Nations.”
Chammel nodded,
“In a few decades, we will become the world’s number one resource-rich country in the seabed, and I think we can recover from the currently inferior economy. I have to.”
Eyama is
“Does this mean that the eternity of Horus begins in Japan?”
“Yes, originally he was protecting Egypt, but he was astonished at the unbelief of the Egyptians and returned to the sun.”
“Why did you send messengers to Aleister Crowley?”
“That’s because at that time England had such a vast territory that it was said to be the country where the sun never sets. It doesn’t exist now, but now they are trying to show the glory of Horus to Japan. This is because the red circle on the Rising Sun flag represents the sun, and declares that it is the book of the sun, that is, the country of the sun.When Lord Horus created the earth, he collected resources from the seabed of Japan. So, when we were unaware of the resource, we worked hard, and we never ended up living on oil alone like we did in the Middle East.”
“At the time when it was difficult to get rid of the habit of working hard, abundant resources appeared. I wonder if even workers will use it.”
“Well, anyway, there are resources at the bottom of the sea that can be seen from here, and it will become a country that has everything, just like Egypt in the past. .”
 Chammel pointed to Hakata Bay. Then, a creature with a dolphin-like body jumped up from the surface of the sea and jumped up on the person’s face . It seems that Eyama and Fumi could not see it clearly for a moment. The sentence is
“Are you a half-fish man now?”
Shammel shook his head and said,
“He’s a kappa. Actually, there’s a kappa legend in Hakata, but he told me telepathically that he was bullied when he climbed a hill, so he hid in the sea and became like a dolphin. I’ve been here.”
The two looked skeptical, but Eyama said,
“It doesn’t come out anymore. It is said that dolphins also have telepathy.”
“Yes. That kappa says that recent events in Japan are revelations.”
Eyama and Fumi had a thoughtful face. White clouds drift by.
“That’s the foolishness of hiring people from China. Or the foolishness of going to an ancient city for sightseeing, Kappa wants to say that it’s a commandment from heaven.”
Shammel raises his right hand high and shakes it left and right,
“That kappa is going back to Nokonoshima. He sometimes visits the Hoto Shrine. Oh, and he said that he’s cosplaying as a dolphin, and his body is of course the same as the kappa. .”
Eyama made a happy face,
“So the legend was true. Sometimes they kidnapped young women and took them to their homes for sex.”
 When Suzuyo Midorikawa was in her twenties, she worked at her aunt’s gallery in Ginza, Gingetsu.
After learning to work as an assistant, I joined an art shop on the Internet that was growing rapidly as an employee. Since my performance was soaring, I received exorbitant rewards. Even though it was an online shop, she was doing business all over the city. It was mainly schools, especially universities and clinics, and also big hospitals, and received orders for paintings.
Her aunt, Suzuka Midorikawa, has gone missing, but like her aunt, Suzuyo wanted to open her own gallery in Ginza. Recently, she was in charge of managing the online shop, like a store manager, and although she was making a high income, she had stopped moving.
At that time, sexual intercourse with Kisaburo Hamano, an art college student in Machida, was the most stress-relieving thing for her. Suzuyo, who is a professional, has been single for a long time, just like her aunt, Suzuka.
By the way, what is different about Ginza from the old Ginza is that around 2010, you can see many Chinese people. Dozens of Chinese people can be seen sitting together on the sidewalks of Ginza. In fact, Suzuyo once sold a painting to a Chinese man with money. She finally opened a gallery in Ginza, ” Kinzuki “.
She sent a letter of invitation to a client she met while working at an online shop. I thought that e-mail would not convey my sincerity, but I was wrong to think that anything could be sold on the Internet. Art-related items in particular don’t sell very well.
One is that it is expensive, and the other is that the quality of the painting cannot be fully conveyed in the image.
 Before opening Kingetsu , Suzuyo asked Hamano to create a painting. The location is a restaurant on the top floor of the Odakyu department store before going to the hotel.
“Next time, I’ll open a gallery in Ginza, so why don’t you draw something?”
Hamano stopped moving his hand to eat the parfait,
“That’s amazing. Okay, I’ll try it.”
I answered with a smiley face.
“I can’t pay you until I have a buyer, but that’s okay.”
“Of course, but I’m afraid it might not sell.”
“You won’t know until you try it. I’ve never seen a picture of Mr. Hamano either.
“Ah, I’ve only drawn as many as I did at school, so I’ll do something about it. I’ll do my best for Mr. Midorikawa’s shop.”
“Yes, do your best. I’ll pay you back right away for your hard work at the hotel after this.”
Suzuyo winked with eyes like a woman in her twenties. Hamano gulped down his saliva. Suzuyo lets Hamano have sex without contraceptives until the end. To Hamano’s question about when she became pregnant,
“At that time, at that time, I’m past my mid-thirties, so I think I’ll be fine.”
I answered with a dumbfounded expression.
 After that, Hamano, at a business hotel near Machida Station, helped out Suzuyo Midorikawa, received a reward, and walked back to his apartment.
High school girls often hang around the shopping district in front of Machida Station, but in fact, there are times when they are looking for their daddy to do bad things. A little while ago, Hamano was looked at by a brown-haired girl in a high school uniform with a wistful gaze. However, Hamano’s head was spinning like the rings of Saturn when he was commissioned to make a painting. Hamano somehow chose the path of art and had no desire to become a famous painter. That’s what this story was about.
When he returned to his room and looked at the screen at 1:30 on his computer, Hamano was shocked. Come to think of it, I had a promise to meet that woman. But it’s already too late, so I thought, no, I picked up my paintbrush and prepared to start drawing on the drawing paper on my desk .
(what is this)
It’s exactly like automatic writing, and the picture is drawn. Hamano’s right hand is not moving of his own will. It feels like my hands are moving on their own. His right hand, which had moved for thirty minutes, drew the final line, then stopped just right, lifted the paintbrush upwards, moved to the right, and lowered the brush.
A little while ago, I was Suzuyo Midorikawa, and I took down the brush several times. Looking at the finished painting, Hamano felt as if the world had been turned upside down.
that appeared in the picture
That woman was drawn as a nude body.
She was the woman I had promised to meet in front of Machida Station at eleven o’clock this morning. I thought it was a ghost, but its naked body is too glamorous. The pubic hair is also drawn in a dark color.
Hamano immediately got an erection, but he calmed himself down and found himself completely naked as he watched. At that time, the ring tone of the mobile phone rang, so I checked it and it was a new mail. It was an e-mail from a dating site saying that that picture was OK, and it was from that woman.
Subject It’s late.
I thought you weren’t coming anymore, so I went home, but your lingering thoughts were near the Odakyu Department Store at Machida Station, so I followed them and found your apartment. So, you just took control of your head and made me draw that picture. I don’t think it’s that surprising, but this kind of occult stuff is just the beginning.
Hamano was completely naked and read it and replied quickly.
subject sorry
I’ve got something important to do, so it doesn’t affect my future. I’m going to meet you.
I sent it and got a reply within five minutes.
 the woman who appeared
 subject front door
I’m here. Do you mind if I knock?
Hamano turned pale, but his fingers began to tremble a little,
 subject of course
Knock if you can.
With a tap, the wooden front door was knocked. Hamano felt like his heart was going to flatten, and rushed to the front door and hurriedly opened it.
(Ah) Standing there was the same office lady-like woman who had been on the mobile phone and was also on the dating site. The woman
“Nice to meet you. Don’t be so scared, I’m not a ghost.”
“Eh? Then, that corpse with only the lower half of the body…”
“I can’t talk about that in a place like this. If you don’t mind, can I come up?”
“Oh, okay, get up.”
The woman came up to Hamano’s six-mat room. Hamano, thinking that what you’re seeing now is a dream,
“Well, it’s small, but sit down. If you’re not a ghost, what are you…”
When she sits down,
“I’m a real human. My name is Namiko Yogan.”
“Oh, my name is Kisaburo Hamano.”
“Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind. So, I think it’s the surname of my name, but oh, it’s a Kabane surname, so it’s because of the surname. I don’t think it’s good. But maybe because of the name, I started practicing yoga when I was six years old, and my father took me to a yoga studio in Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City.My father is Indian. I have several curry shops in Fukuoka City, and I’m planning to open one in Machida soon.So, my name is Namiko, so I don’t like it because it’s like yoga.It’s long. I told my father that I wanted to change my name to Moyuko Yoga because I’ve been practicing yoga, and he said yes.
 that’s a secret
 Namiko Yogana breathed a sigh of relief, then, once more,
“I was looking around Machida for my father’s shop, but I was mischievous and did it.”
“What did you do, ah, I’m from Kumamoto.”
“Yes, I have been to Kumamoto. So, I cut off the upper and lower body and put the lower body on a bench in Serigaya Park.”
“No, no, no, can you do that? No, no, no.”
“That’s the secret of yoga, isn’t it? If you get better, you can cut off the hands and the head.”
“Come to think of it, the police announced that the lower half of his body was missing after that.”
“Well, I pulled it back, put it on my upper body, and put it back together. I learned this in India, or rather in the Himalayas. That’s why I was able to go.”
“Even if I hear that, I can’t believe it. Are you really a real woman?”
Namiko Yoga smiled and said,
“Try to touch my hand.”
While saying that, he held out his right hand to Hamano. Hamano was lukewarm when he held it in his right hand. When I let go, I felt sad.
 Meet with
 Yoga Namiko has a bright expression,
“Anyway, it’s nice to meet you. I thought you’d be absent at today’s meeting, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to meet you, but you were on the Odakyu line at Machida Station.”
“That’s right. But since then, I wonder if the change that happened to the photos I took on my phone was a psychic phenomenon.”
“No, not even that one. I sent you a reminder to change the image you took of me.”
“I wonder if that’s a yoga secret or something.”
“It’s not in yoga, but it’s an ability I’ve acquired through my yoga practice, I guess. I thought I could do it, because the images in the photos I took on my phone were altered.”
“That’s psychic powers, really.”
Impressed, Hamano placed his right hand on his chin. Namiko Yogan took a cross-legged posture and made some kind of sign. Then, her shirt slipped off, and Hamano caught sight of her red brassiere and white skin.
“Yeah. Very good, but did you do this on purpose?”
Minako tied the seal again and returned to her clothes.
“Yes, on purpose. I know the reason you took a picture of my lower body at the print museum was because I had a conscious body on my lower body. So, on that day, my conscious body but followed you.”
“So something strange happened.”
“Once you figure it out, it’s no wonder. I wonder if you’d like to try yoga, too.”
“I’ll think about it…”
 personal story
 Hamano continued asking what he wanted to hear.
“I wondered if Yoga-san was an office worker, and her face was something like that.”
Minako laughed a little, fufufu,
“No, I’ve never been an office worker. After graduating from high school, I went to India, practiced yoga, returned to Japan, and then helped my father’s curry shop for a long time. It felt like he was working, so I think he turned into an office worker-like face.”
“Oh, so. Is there anything amazing that you can do in India?”
“Well, I probably won’t do it, but I’ve learned to die on my own, or rather, I’ve acquired that kind of technique. This is what Yogananda did when he died. In other words, he has a brain. I did it halfway through, but I was starting to lose consciousness, so I thought I was going to die if I did any more, so I stopped.This is a pretty advanced yoga technique. ”
“Somehow, if you can do various things, you should take a video and upload it to a video sharing site…”
“Many people will be suspicious of that, but the mystery of the body found on the bench at the Print Museum is a mystery.”
“If I tell you, no one will believe you.”
“Even if I talk about it, I think it’s the same. There are many people who think that yoga is like gymnastics for beauty and health.”
Minako stretched out there. Both plump breasts are nicely shaped and appear on the shirt.
 Hamano’s gaze flowed over her swollen chest, but as soon as Minako put her hands down, the roundness disappeared. When she turned to Hamano,
“I just tried dating, and when I followed Mr. Hamano, I just wanted to test my abilities. Around here. Excuse me.”
Minako stood up with a sigh, slid to the entrance, opened the door, and left. Hamano was attacked by a feeling of collapse when he locked it from the inside,
“Let’s take that picture, that one to Mr. Midorikawa. It’s sloppy, but it might lead to something interesting.”
I tried talking to him alone. When I go back to my desk and look at the picture, it still has a touch that is alien to humans. There are only a few colors, but they are colorful. A business card was placed to the left of the picture.
Curry Shop Yogi Haramachida 3-chome, Machida-shi, Tokyo
(042) 623-xxxx
Namiko Yogan
I had a quick look and didn’t read the details, but it does have an address and phone number. (She’s shrewd, she)
the woman who called
However, Hamano remembered. I feel that Yogan Namiko’s voice is different from the voice of the woman who called and said, “It’s the ghost in the cellphone.” He also talked about Suzuyo Midorikawa, and even though I said that I would take care of him, Minako quickly left. Why… at that moment, my cell phone rang.
“Yes. I’m Hamano.”
“Oh, it’s me. You were thinking about me just now.”
It’s that woman. The voice is still different from Minako’s.
“Yes, but who are you?”
“Ahahahaha. I’m Minako’s deceased older sister. So, I got a call from Minako about that incident, so I did some research and called her. Was it fun?”
“Oh, that’s right. It’s kind of scary. Are you really a ghost?”
“If you ask Minako, she’ll understand. But with this, I’ll stop playing pranks. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with you and Minako.”
Hamano’s senses became more and more confused.
“But Minako-san and I have a man-woman relationship…”
Petit, and the mobile phone was cut off. A whirlwind blew outside the window. When Hamano opened the lace curtains and looked outside, he saw Namiko Yoga’s sister-like smiling face outside the window, but it had already disappeared.
Goro Shirayama, a rich man, has a hobby of young women.
Her grandson, Yuna Tamiya, is also at a good age, but there is no way she can lay a hand on her granddaughter. Perhaps because Yuna doesn’t look like her mother, Kana, it’s true that she doesn’t really feel affection for her. One day on a weekday, when I was taking a walk in the Haramachida shopping district in the evening, a high school girl in a sailor suit came from the other side. Goro, who met her eyes (You look good, I think you can become a hostess.)
“Uncle, take me out to play.”
A high school girl called out to me.
“Oh, let’s go to the game center.”
“Yeah. Anywhere, that’s fine.”
“Then let’s go. It’s already in front of you, look.”
The place Goro pointed to was a game center in Machida.
When the two of us enter, we see only old people inside. In today’s Japan, the only people who have money in their spare time are the elderly. There aren’t many old people in Japan who are as interested in young women as Goro. When it comes to China, things are a little different. Even in Hong Kong, men in their seventies date women in their twenties. The climax is the marriage of a ninety-nine-year-old Mongolian man to an eighteen-year-old woman. What’s more, the woman will be surprised when she says she’s pregnant. Even in England, a man has been accused of raping a woman over the age of 100. It’s a long time ago.
“I want to play UFO catcher.”
Said the high school girl and went to the game machine. The prize is in a transparent glass. When Goro catches up,
“Is this kind of thing okay? Do it as many times as you like.”
When I said that, he took out 10,000 yen from his brand-like wallet and handed it to the high school girl.
 After playing with the UFO catcher for an hour, the two of them got a lot of prizes. When I opened it, it was all practical. There were also colored contact lenses. Goro chose what he had guessed,
“Shall I give it to you?”
“No, it won’t fit in my bag anymore.”
Hmm, she’s an impressive girl, thought Goro. Goro also liked the fact that her language was not like that of a young woman these days. Goro thought that young women these days can’t help but be annoyed. Since when have women’s words disappeared in Japan? Among them, there are strong women called me and me.
Goro thought that this was the result of school education, or rather, mad education. Herbivorous boys are called,
“I’m addicted to SNS these days.”
Goro wonders if he feels sexual desire for such a woman. Goro wonders if Yutori Kyouiku turned a man into a woman and a woman into a man.
“Uncle, let’s go outside. I’m tired of playing games.”
Said the high school girl with a refreshing smile.
“Yes. Shall we go to a coffee shop?”
“Yes, with pleasure. I will accompany you.”
 at the coffee shop
Goro left the arcade and pointed in front of him,
“There is a coffee shop over there. It says Armand .
When Goro saw the high school girl, she tilted her delicate head and nodded. The interior was medieval European style. The atmosphere is calm with baroque music playing. The two sat across from each other, and a young female waitress dressed in black came to put down a glass of water. Goro is friendly,
“Two lemon teas, please.”
“Two lemon teas. Nice to meet you.”
After giving a light bow and the waitress leaving, Goro said,
“If we don’t give our names, it seems strange to both of us. My name is Goro Shirayama, but you.”
“My name is Eri Kenjou. Please remember me.”
“Oh, you can remember it, especially if it’s a strange name. I wonder if it’s the third year of high school.”
“Yes. I’m bored every day. I’m thinking of working as soon as I graduate from high school. College is boring and I don’t think I can go.”
“That’s fine. I run a company. If you don’t mind, come over to my house.”
“Yeah. I want to work at a cabaret club like my mother.”
Goro made a motion to stop it with both hands,
“No, let’s not do that. From what I’ve seen, I think you might have some sort of supernatural power, or rather, psychic powers. Alcohol spoils that. It’s a trade job, but you don’t have to do anything difficult.I wonder if I can make you my secretary after a while.”
Goro smiled softly.
The waitress from earlier
“Excuse me. Lemon tea. Please take it easy and relax.”
I placed the order and the black towel on the glass table.
Eri Kenjou,
“That makes me happy. I think my mother will be happy too. I’m an illegitimate child.”
“Oh, I see. Well, drink some tea. It’s nice to have cold towels. You’re in such a position, so don’t worry, there’s no reason why you can’t come in. Don’t think of yourself as unhappy.” .”
“Yes, my father comes to my house from time to time, so I don’t think I can really call him unlucky.”
“Somehow, I don’t know the circumstances, but it would be nice if your father also divorced that person and lived with your mother.”
“Yes, but my father is a famous painter, so that doesn’t seem to be the case.”
“Hmm. If I were a painter, I wish I could live freely.”
“The next time I see my father, I will tell him that.
As Goro drank the bitter coffee, his expression turned into a smile.
“Although my father was never there, I grew up with a lot of love from my mother. She told me that after graduating from high school, she would get a driver’s license and then buy me a luxury car.”
“Oh, I’m going to pay for the driver’s license, too. Well then, I think I’ll get you a driver too. If that happens, I can pay you a lot.”
Goro had a caring smile on his face.
 pimp business
 It is possible that everyone has been affected by someone in their relatives.
Akio Ichikawa, a resident of Machida City, worked at the Machida City Hall, but was inspired by his uncle, Akio Ichikawa, to become a full-time pimp.
Akio Ichikawa lives in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is next to Machida City, but he has been making tribute to himself for the begging of hostesses in Shinjuku one after another. Even in this recession, people with money will not disappear. After the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, even executives of electric power companies, who were in a turmoil, turned to cabaret clubs as their pastime. Akio Ichikawa also had a hand in Machida’s hostess and delivery health lady. Their jobs won’t last long anyway. When that happens, look for the next woman.
“Uncle is great, but I don’t think I can do string.”
At the pachinko parlor in Haramachida, Akeo spoke to Akio, who was sitting next to him. Akio looked at the pachinko machine and laughed.
“It’s stupid. Strings are better suited for serious people. Think about it. Can a woman pay for a dishonest man?”
Rururururururu ♪ There is a sound in the store.
“Ah, that’s right. I missed the jackpot. Oh, I guess I’ll give it a try.”
“Do it. You don’t have to work as a pimp. I spend half of my day playing pachinko and going to the library.”
“Hey. You’re serious, aren’t you, library?”
“No, it’s part of my job. These days, there’s a lot of idiots who don’t like to read, so if you show off your knowledge by reading, women will fall in love with you. It’s a good time, isn’t it? It’s an easy win.You can easily get a woman.You should encourage yourself to read books too.If you don’t, you’ll be seen as the same as a young man who doesn’t read about that kind of book, and you won’t be given any money. ”
 String business 2
Zhuo thought, I see. Come to think of it, I haven’t been reading books lately either.
“So you’re going to bind women with your intellect, uncle.”
“That’s right. Even if you do something like karate and become strong, women will run away. You know, you can’t bind a woman with fear.
“Ah, in the end, I guess that’s the best.”
Zhuo grinned. There are even civil servants who have been punished for viewing adult sites during work.
“It may be the best, but it’s not the first thing you bring. Well, I think it would be better to change yours from Tokyo Tower to Sky Tree. Depending on your efforts, anything can be done, but the recent herbivore The keio boys are rather going gay, and a harem is no longer a dream.”
“The Sky Tree has opened, and your new life depends on what you have, uncle.”
“That’s right. Oh, I got it, I got it. If you master pachinko, you’ll have income other than the money you get from women, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. A lion is a lioness who brings food.” Why does a human-like man have to work hard to earn money and pay tribute to a woman? , It’ll make you money. No one does strings, so maybe I’m successful, so don’t miss your chance, Akeo.”
Akio Ichikawa, who put down another dollar box, said to his nephew on the right,
“Besides, your name sounds like Shufu. Until now, Shufu meant a housewife, but in this day and age, being a househusband is a man’s job. The late Beatles John Lennon is also a househusband. In other words, if a woman is worthy of that, she will work and earn a high income, so the man should do the housework.The purse strings are held by the strings, isn’t it good?It’s not a joke, it’s a good story It seems that it has started to become popular overseas, and it seems that househusbands are already starting to appear in Japan.”
“At some point, a magazine called ‘ Househus to Seikatsu ‘ was published. ”
“Oh, back in the day. But nowadays, magazines are becoming more and more obsolete, so Akeo, you should publish ‘ Househusto to Seikatsu ‘ as an electronic version. ”
“It’s not bad to be a househusband and the president of a Seikatsusha company. So, feng shui book, ah!”
Akeo was surprised to see a middle-aged man sitting to his right. The man used to be famous as a Feng Shui master on TV, but now that Feng Shui is a phony, no one supports him anymore. I had seen it on the man’s site on the Internet. The man has a young man who seems to be his disciple sitting next to him. Mr. Feng cut his mouth.
“No, I didn’t know that. I was asked to appear on a TV program, so I went out and taught feng shui. I have a lot of used feng shui books. Then I hit the jackpot.”
The disciple made a gloomy face, and with his right hand holding the pachinko lever,
“It seems that it was all a make-believe of the program production company. For the shops that are not popular, they gather people behind the scenes under the guise of recruiting monitors, make them go to the shop as extras, and later reward them. Of course, eating and drinking. It seems that the production company had to submit the slip later, and the production company paid for it.”
“So, I was exposed on the internet. I started thinking that feng shui would work for pachinko, but if it’s not in the suburbs of Machida, it’s likely to be found out, and the media will.”
The man was talking without lowering his voice because the pachinko parlor was noisy. Because Akeo has a good ear, he was successful in picking out every detail.
 without effort
The once-famous feng shui master continued.
“In the first place, I used to do fortune-telling, but I wasn’t interested in Feng Shui. , I acted like an authority, but the production company was making a fake.”
The disciple gave a cunning smile,
“But there’s a way. It’s easy to get hooked on feng shui, especially when housewives do nothing and get lucky.”
“Oh, you stupid housewife. You’re a good dupe for us. Let’s create pachinko feng shui together.”
“Yeah, it’s the world’s first pachinko feng shui. Housewives are the first to come to us anyway, so even if we do it casually…”
“No, let’s take a little time to interview in order to give it a certain style. We can’t appear in the program production company, so we’ll make it here. If we don’t, this time it’s probably over. .”
“In the first place, feng shui…”
“It may not seem like it exists, but it will make the dreams and hopes of housewives shine, so you can think of it as something like cosmetics.”
“I see, that’s what fortune-telling is all about. We’re in the business of creating mental cosmetics.”
“You’re good at what you say. I’ll lend you a lot of my used books next time, so study with them.”
“Yes, Master Feng.”
The two of them continued to hit the pachinko machine while staring at it.
Preparation for opening
 When opening the gallery, Suzuyo Midorikawa tried to contact the painter Shinichiro Tamiya.
Her aunt Suzuka Midorikawa’s gallery in Ginza, Gingetsu , became famous for the power of Tamiya’s paintings. Suzuyo wondered if that would happen to her as well. I don’t think it’s going to be a successful world, but I’m sure a painting by Tamiya, a famous painter, would sell.
However, it seems that Tamiya has recently stopped producing paintings. I had written down Tamiya’s phone number, which I had met at my aunt’s Gingetsu, so I tried negotiating with him on my mobile phone.
♪♪♪ “Hello, this is Tamiya.”
“It’s been a while. My name is Midorikawa, and I used to work at the Gingetsu gallery in Ginza. ”
Shinichiro Tamiya turned pale, but there was no way he could tell Suzuyo on the other end of the phone. Speaking of Midorikawa, Shin’ichirō had sold his paintings because of that relationship, but he had been missing for a long time.
To Tamiya who didn’t answer, Suzuyo said,
“No, I’m not Suzuka Midorikawa, my aunt. My name is Suzuyo Midorikawa, my niece. I’m planning to open a gallery in Ginza, just like my aunt, so I was wondering if you could help me somehow.” .”
Shinichiro’s face returned to normal. When I take a deep breath,
“Oh, it’s a drawing request. I haven’t drawn a picture recently. So I don’t know when it will be. Come to think of it, your voice is the same as the voice of the female employee at Gingetsu. Well, I didn’t know you were my niece.”
 what should I do
After all, Shinichiro Tamiya had stopped making pictures. Suzuyo was puzzled over what to do,
“Would you mind if I just talk to you? How about this coming Saturday?”
“Oh, that’s fine. I have classes until the morning, and I’m bored with my life these days. I have money, so I don’t have to draw for that, so maybe that’s why I’m not motivated. I can’t.”
“Is there anything you are dissatisfied with in your current life?”
“No. I can’t talk privately with you, and I’m dissatisfied, but I can’t say that it’s about my wife.”
“Haha, it’s not something that can be said too much. After all, it means that the source of artistic creation is women.”
“Maybe so. It’s said that even Picasso changed his style when the woman changed.
Inside, Suzuyo had a big smile on her face. (Somehow, I’ll do it. Just right, somehow, I think I can do it. Good timing…)
“Mr. Midorikawa? Didn’t you get pulled over after talking like this? What’s wrong?”
“No, I’m sorry I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Would you like to meet me around the west exit in front of JR Machida Station on Saturday afternoon?”
“Let’s do that. Your aunt has also inspired me to create, and there are strange things in the world, so I wonder if I’m glad I’m alive.”
“My aunt and I are a little bit alike. I want my gallery to be a success, too. I want to think that Mr. Tamiya is the best painter in Japan. Let’s talk in detail on Saturday.♪”
 The outlet is
 Kana Tamiya knew that her husband, Shinichiro, was having an affair.
However, when I was in my late thirties, I felt like I didn’t care. My husband has made a lot of money with his paintings, so even if we get divorced, I can claim half of it, and my daughter is almost old enough to be a member of society.
I feel like I did something bad to my playmate at that time, to that person who committed suicide, but if you’re a man, you don’t have to worry as much as a woman. Even now, when I think about it, I feel like that.
But I haven’t played with a man in a long time. Even if Shinichiro finds out, in the worst case, there will only be a divorce, and I may think that my husband really wants to divorce me. For things like going out with unknown destinations, it was decided for the woman, and the market was decided on Sundays. Could it be that she has an illegitimate child??? Speaking of which, recently, her daughter Yuna has been making an unimaginative face.
“What’s wrong, Yuna? You look so gloomy.”
When I asked my daughter at lunch on Sunday when her husband was away,
“It’s nothing, but there’s a high school girl who looks like a stalker. Just a little bit.”
“Eh? Did you do anything wrong to be stalked by a high school girl?”
“No, no, no. I don’t think you’re lying, but you’re saying that I’m not your father’s real daughter.”
“oh dear,·····.”
“Really? Mother.”
“That’s… you should go to City Hall and find out if that’s the case.”
“Even if you do that, you don’t understand, do you?”
“Uh, yeah. You, but you can inherit the inheritance properly, so don’t worry.”
“It’s not about money, it’s about love.”
“Yes. The fact that you raised me properly is proof of that. So forget about such a strange story.”
“Yeah. I will (?)”
The silver tableware is put away by the new maid. Kana went to the living room, smoking a cigar,
(Hmm, that stalking high school girl is Shinichiro’s illegitimate child.
Yuna left the kitchen immediately after lunch. Since I was the only one in the living room, I boldly took out my mobile phone, accessed the recently registered dating site, Sha-e-mail OK, and logged in. Then I got an email.
Subject Nice to meet you
I am a male student who attends an art university in Machida City. I thought Luna was interested in art, so I sent her an e-mail. It’s a considerable celebrity if you can give reverse aid. Is your address in Setagaya?
Kana will reply soon.
Subject Hello
My address is Machida. I have a husband, but don’t worry. My husband and I have been together for a long time, and there is no night life. Marriage hunting seems to be popular, but I’m in a situation where I have to have sex. If you don’t mind, would you like to meet me?
That night, Shinichiro also came home, and the three of us had a dinner together. When I looked, I saw a reply from that university student.
Subject I would like to meet you
If my wife lives in Machida, I live near the station, so I can see her anytime. However, since I am a student, I cannot meet him during the daytime on weekdays. Please think about that and let us know where to meet.
 Yuna’s thoughts
After dinner, Yuna returned to her fifteen-tatami room, and, judging from what her mother had said earlier, she was convinced that her father was not Shinichiro Tamiya. rice field.
Until now, I had thought that the father’s aloofness toward me was the father’s attitude toward his daughter in any household.
For me, I have felt like I was grasping a cloud with my father, and sometimes I felt like I was grasping ice with my bare hands. But Yuna convinced herself that it was because her father was a painter and not an ordinary human being.
Is my real father missing or is he already dead? My mother didn’t look like a mean woman. My grandfather told me that she was rather a daughter of a good family and a young lady.
My grandfather is quite rich and runs a trade business, but when I went to play, he was always kind to me, and I couldn’t believe that my grandfather and my father were the same man.
Yuna also thought that her grandson would also think of her as something special. If my father is not my real father, I can fully understand the difference between my father and my grandfather.
So that high school girl, Eri Kenjou, is her father’s real child? Perhaps thinking too much, Yuna felt hungry and decided to go to the kitchen to eat some snacks.
(Isn’t she going to meet a man?) Yuna had such a premonition.
When I looked out the window in the corridor, I saw roses blooming in the garden.
(Maybe my mother is like a rose. When a man tries to grab my mother, a sharp thorn pierces her. Then, me too?)
Sunflowers are growing in the garden.
(I want to be a sunflower. I don’t want to go out with more than one man. The language of roses, love and betrayal—I don’t think so, but in my heart, I think so.)
Goro Shirayama noticed that Eri Kenjou was a hard-working and serious girl when he gave her a small job, even though she was still in school.
“Yeah, thank you. sea bream.”
“Yes, I will. The president has a grandson. I would like to meet him.”
Goro made a bitter face, as if he had drunk coffee without sugar. Kenjou Eri laughed and said,
“I like photography too, but I have to work to make money. I don’t want my mother to take care of me forever.
“Oh, that’s an impressive story. If you’re a fatherless family, I think it’s the same, but why don’t you give your father a present when he comes over?”
Eri made a pensive face and then said,
“I really want to, but my father is giving my mother a hard time, so I don’t want to do that now.”
Boy aspiring to be a singer
Ga Sayama, who grew up in an orphanage, dreamed of becoming a singer. But it may be a sweet dream. To the aunt who works at the orphanage,
“Your mother was a famous singer.”
That was the motivation for my aspiration. fangs are
“Auntie, who is my mother?”
“Maki Mizukawa, a woman with an un-Japanese face. She’s already dead.”
“Did he die? After all, this is an orphanage, so it’s natural. Shall I sing too?”
At that time, Sayama Ga was ten years old. He pretended to have a microphone and started singing, but he was out of tune and his voice wasn’t very good.
Other middle-aged female clerks who were listening nearby
“You, you should sing a song about a boy who was a wolf. Your voice sounds like a wolf. I don’t think you can call it a human voice.”
“Yeah. It sounded like a wolf howling. Oh yeah. Try to imitate the wolf’s voice.”
Sayama Ga was puzzled. He didn’t realize at the time that he was turning into a werewolf. So,
“Oh, but what does a wolf’s voice sound like?”
“Wow, I feel like that.”
Fang takes a deep breath,
Everyone in the office was impressed by this. It sounded very much like a wolf’s howl.
“Try it again.”
Fang nodded. Today was the Christmas party at the orphanage, which ended just after 6 o’clock. At the orphanage in Machida, I specially called Fang, who was the youngest, to the office and gave him a Christmas present.
Ga Sayama was happy to be praised for his voice imitation. Boys are like that. As I grow older, I become a little more skeptical. Feeling good, fangs
” Wow. Wow. Wow, wow. ”
When I was roaring, one of the clerks opened the window curtains and looked out,
“Today was a full moon.”
At that moment, Ga Sayama’s face changed into that of a wolf. Those who have noticed that
I raised my voice, but when the senior office manager approached Fang,
“Hey Sayama, that’s a very good trick. When did you put on the wolf mask?”
And while smiling, I put my hand on the boy’s cheek.
“Oh, it looks like a real wolf’s head. How do I get it off?”
” Gagagagaga. ”
“Enough. You can take it off with your hand. Put your hand out.”
The boy’s hand was the wolf’s hand. The secretary grinned,
“You’ve put a lot of thought into it. But it’s probably fake, so I wonder what it’s like. Try scratching my face with that hand.”
Fang put his right hand to the office manager’s face. The secretary groaned, and when he put his hand on his face, Talary and blood flowed down from there.
The clerk by the window wondered (maybe!) and pulled the window curtain to block the moonlight from outside. Then, in an instant, the boy’s face and hands returned to normal.
“Hey, Mr. Sayama, don’t wear such a dangerous thing.”
To the angry office manager, the female office worker by the window,
“Clerk, I have something to tell you…”
The clerk and the clerk approached the window and said,
“Umm… I think Sayama-kun is a wolf boy. Please don’t laugh. When I closed the curtains, Sayama-kun returned to his original state. The light of the full moon turned Sayama-kun into a wolf. I think it transformed me into a
The secretary made a bitter face like a cucumber,
“Yes. Then I’ll do the experiment.”
Turning around and turning towards Sayama Ga,
“Sayama-kun, let’s go outside for a moment.”
Toga Sayama honestly said,
“Yeah, but today I feel kind of strange. Just a little while ago, I didn’t understand anything and was dazed. My hands moved on their own. I don’t think such a thing exists. I wonder if I was dreaming.”
“Yes. It will be clear when we go outside.”
The office manager and Sayama boy went out to the garden of the orphanage. The full moon outside is sending out white light.
The boy’s face changed into that of a wolf in an instant, and when he opened his mouth, he saw sharp, shining fangs. The office manager pulled his back on the spot and sat down with a thump. The boy with the face of a wolf peered into the office manager with an eerie expression.
“Oh, this time, I don’t have to put my hands on it anymore. You’re still transforming…”
As he said this, the crotch area of the secretary’s trousers was soaked with liquid . The boy put his creepy wolf face close to the secretary’s crotch.
“Oh, you don’t have to peek. I’ve let you urinate. If you turn into a wolf, you’ll be on the side of justice. You don’t have to reach for my crotch. If you don’t touch it, you’re my genitals.” Become an ally of
The office manager had forgotten that the other party was a ten-year-old boy. Seeing the boy unsmiling,
“Sayama-kun, close your eyes.”
Sayama closed the eerie wolf’s eyes as he was told. Then, in a blink of an eye, the boy’s face and hands returned to normal.
The office manager stood up and grabbed Sayama’s shoulders,
“Keep your eyes closed. I’ll take you to your room.”
“Seriously, it stinks.”
“A little patience.
The two slowly returned to the orphanage building.
“Now open your eyes. Fang. Go back to your room.”
After saying that, the office manager hurriedly went to the changing room. So I sprayed my pants with deodorant spray, removed the belt, and took them off. I also sprayed deodorant spray there, and since I didn’t have a change of pants, I put on pants without underwear and sprayed it again. After that, when I went back to the office, I felt fresh because I wasn’t wearing any pants.
When I entered the office, a young female clerk said,
“Welcome home. What happened to Sayama-kun?”
“I returned him to his room. I was surprised. The light of the full moon turned him into a wolf again. So I told him to become a wolf and become an ally of justice. Well, to me, that On the spot, the genitals are on the side, no, it’s nothing.
A middle-aged female clerk seemed relieved,
“Well. If that’s the case, that’s the way to deal with it. If you can’t see Sayama, is it okay to use the moonlight?”
The secretary
“I think there are other things, but it seems that you have to try various things.”
The secretary was also thinking about trying to negotiate if the circus came. More than that, I thought I could become famous, but I was also thinking about it.
Chammel, Eyama, and Fumi came from Nishi Ward in Fukuoka City to Mt. Koso in Itoshima City.
It is a small mountain, but its surroundings are paddy fields as far as the eye can see. This is the place south of Susenji Temple in Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City. If you climb a little, it becomes a forest all over, and it is a little dark even in the daytime. Eyama is
“The area around Inunaki Pass in Kasuya County, which is located on the east side of Fukuoka, was terrible. You shouldn’t go to a haunted spot. After all, the area around Inunaki Pass seems to be full of spirits that can’t float. was.”
Shammel shrugged his shoulders,
“I don’t think there are many places in Japan with such a bad environment. I think there are evil spirits living in Inunaki Pass.”
Inunaki Pass is a bit famous as a haunted spot, but it’s better not to go there.
It’s a very remote place, and there’s a police box with police cars parked there. Even in police boxes in front of the station, there are many places without police cars. In other words, there is some kind of incident, and that is probably the case even now. The sentence is
“A long time ago, my mother told me that Koreans who had crossed over to Japan and died were illegally buried in Inunaki Pass.”
Eyama is
“It seems that cell phone signals are also hard to reach. If something happens, you can’t even call 110.”
chammel is
“There was also a feeling that reminded me of Mt. Fuji’s sea of trees. Ah, my sister heard that foreign evil spirits go to Inunaki Pass for sightseeing in Japan by communicating with spirits.”
The sentence is
“Why? Is there a reason?”
chammel is
“Yeah. Evil spirits eat people’s thoughts. Or rather, they absorb them. And the evil thoughts around Inunaki Pass are their feast.”
Both Eyama and Fumi had their eyes wide open, as if they were very impressed.
Chammel blinked his double-lidded blue eyes,
“So, the god Horus doesn’t like that kind of place. To the god, it smells like vomit. So Aiwass, the messenger of the god Horus, told me to go to the west of Fukuoka City. Specifically, Mt. Raizan in Itoshima City was suitable for building a pyramid.”
Eyama and Fumi looked surprised. A cool breeze blows.
“It doesn’t have to be a huge pyramid like the one in Egypt. They said it should be about thirty centimeters high. It is said that it was actually used to worship and communicate with the gods Isis, Osiris, and Horus, but the Egyptians neglected it, especially in Cleopatra’s time . The gods did not show their grace to Egypt, so they were sent to Rome.”
Fumi made a face of “I see,”
“In Japan, due to feng shui boom, people stopped working hard, and after a while, the industry declined, and electronics manufacturers in particular lost to South Korea.
Eyama made a bitter expression,
“Therefore, our activities exist for Japan. The Japanese who have forgotten the virtue of labor may be similar to the last days of Egypt. If labor is taken from the Japanese, what will be left? It’s just a recession (laughs).I wonder if the people of your home country are laughing at the Japanese who tried to think good things with feng shui.”
“Well, Korea doesn’t practice feng shui very much, and my mother didn’t know either. If anything, feng shui has an image of a scam. That’s why Japanese people fell for scams. ‘ said my mother whenever she saw feng shui things here and there.”
Eyama nodded,
“Don’t you feel sorry for the people who worked so hard after the war to restore Japan?
Eyama put his hand on a standing tree .
 after annular solar eclipse
 Chammel, as if comforting Eyama,
“Even as a foreigner like me, I understand that there are many people who are incapable of taking leadership in Japan today. Oh, come to think of it, the Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic is going to restructure its headquarters, but you could say that this came out after the annular solar eclipse.”
Eyama is
“Besides that, I think change is necessary. What are we going to do on June 1, 2012?”
When Chammel showed his white teeth,
“Let’s pray to the god Horus. The world will be fine if diligent people change it.”
When the sentence becomes a smile,
“Recently, in Tokyo, something called World Gold Worship seems to have sprung up.”
Eyama clapped his hands together,
“A priest who can’t run a shrine for whatever reason is in a kamigakari state, and he’s the one who’s been complaining that he’s the god since the universe began.”
“It seems that the object of worship is a brand new 10,000 yen bill. A friend of mine from Tokyo is a Korean, and when the founder prays to the god of the creation of the universe, it seems that energy will be poured into the 10,000 yen bill. It seems that the official name of the god is the God of the Fundamental Metal of the Universe.The friend said that he plans to join the faith someday.I will not be the chief of the Korean branch. It is also said that
“Haah, that’s nice. It’s a hot topic on the internet that politicians also came to worship. If you donate 20,000 yen for anything, 10,000 yen will be given to the god of the universe. It seems that the energy of the shrine is put in and returned.It seems that it is the duty of the believers to enshrine it in the shrine like a bill.It is said that this is the reason why the household shrine is selling well.”
“According to a friend of mine, if one person joins the group, they will receive 50,000 yen, so I was also invited, but I declined, saying that the star of the rose was more important.”
“It seems that big names in the Internet business are joining the faith one after another. It seems that they have started recruiting. It seems that they are building a headquarters shrine in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.”
 keyboard destination
Chammel laughs,
“I also saw it on the internet. The god who possessed Oyasama manipulated Oyasama’s fingers toward the keyboard of the computer, and converted the document, which was not the tip of the brush but the tip of the keyboard, into a word. It was converted into a PDF file. , It seems that if you put it out where there are famous affiliates, it will sell well, and that’s the scripture.”
This is the keyboard destination document
If you think that the world is coming to an end, then I, who have existed since the beginning of the world, have given you the teachings, and you should take them into your head. It is God’s desire to simply walk the path of becoming rich, ignoring the poor of the world. The only thing Japanese people crave now is money. Therefore, on national holidays, do not rest, but work earnestly for money, and you will find your true worth. In the first place, there is a feeling that the world is about to end in today’s Japan, so you will stand up to save the people of the book of Japan.
It is said that the Shinkai imperial edict, which begins with this line, is selling well, and the number of believers is increasing, but Eyama said,
“Well, we have to work as apostles of the God Horus, Grand Master.”
“Yes, it is to place a pyramid on the top of Mt. Thunder. The energy that flows into this pyramid will revitalize Japan and the economy. There is no other god like Horus, the god of the sun. Aleister . Crowley was simply a being used by the god Horus.
The wind blowing from Mt. Thunder was cool, even though it was June. This is also because the area is unrelated to the heat island.
 Raiyama, located south of Itoshima City, is a mountain with an altitude of 955 meters.
At the foot of the mountain is a rural area, and farmers can be seen working alone even on Sundays. A little further up Mt. Raizan, there is the Shingon sect’s Daikakuji School, Bekkyoku Head Temple, Sennyoji Temple, and Daihioin Temple.
There is no charge to enter the precincts, but an admission fee of 400 yen is required to enter the main hall. This is the story as of June 2012. The beauty of this temple lies in its antiquity.
It is said that it was built in 148 by an Indian monk, Seiga Shonin. Going back to the present, it is 1864 years ago, so its antiquity is probably one of the best. I feel something like the proud history of the Fukuoka region here, but what do you think? Compared to this, Kyoto is not that old either. Let’s go to Edo.
It’s dark in the main hall, so the lights are always on, but it’s still a little dim. Unless you are guided by a monk, you cannot enter the room with the giant statue of Kannon.
When you leave there and go upstairs, there is another building in which there is a life-size seated statue of Seiga Shonin. Gohyaku Arhats are lined up on the slope on the left. It is recommended for those who want to feel the oldness and history. Of course, Chammel and his party also took a taxi to visit this temple. After paying the entrance fee and looking around, when I went out of the precincts, Fumi said,
“There is a temple like this on Mt. Thunder, so is it okay to put up a pyramid to worship the god Horus?”
I was convinced, but asked with an unsatisfactory face.
As Chammel leisurely descends the slope,
“Of course, it is precisely because of this esoteric Buddhism temple that it meets the will of Lord Horus. This is because Dainichi Nyorai, the leader of esoteric Buddhism, is actually Horus.”
Eyama exclaimed. The countryside is visible below. A slightly too cool wind from the mountain enveloped the three of them, giving them a cooling sensation. Eyama put his right hand on his forehead,
“Is that so? Then, Horus has been worshiped in Japan since ancient times, in a different form.”
“Yes. The reason esoteric Buddhism left India in the first place was that it was based on the Vairocana, rather than Shiva and Vishnu, which the Indians worshiped. It was brought in. Aiwas, the messenger of Horus, told me that Dragon Tree Bodhisattva took it up when he created Esoteric Buddhism.”
Eyama hit his chest,
“Then, esoteric Buddhism believers actually worshiped the god Horus. Not only Esoteric Buddhism, but Japanese Buddhism is Mahayana Buddhism, so I think that all of them are based on Dainichi Nyorai.”
“Yes, that’s right.”
Chammel made a cool face.
Chammel, to add,
“The top castes of Indians are Indo-Germanic, and they are foreigners.
On a different note, it seems that temples are still collecting donations for reconstruction support after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Of course it’s good to help people in need. Mr. Eyama, the sea is fine, but what happens if you throw a stone into the water? ”
“It flies over the surface of the water for a while, bouncing back and forth.”
“That’s right. In fact, human thoughts are also flying somewhere. If you return to yourself, you won’t be taken care of, but there are times when you dive into the sea. Each person’s thoughts “Even if it’s not so strong, when the thoughts of millions and tens of millions of people gather together, it becomes a terrifying thing. What if that enormous energy burrowed into the earth at the bottom of the sea and caused the earth’s crust to shift?”
Eyama and Fumi immediately thought of earthquakes and tsunamis. But when the two of them looked at each other,
“The seemingly hard, vibrating crust is moved by the thoughts of giant humans. The problem is that we don’t know where the power came from. It’s only God… Horus. I think it’s something everyone knows, but I don’t know if it happened just because of the thoughts of the people of Tohoku.There are 40 million people in the Kanto region, so even though no one really knows the cause of that disaster. , seismologists and so on are blaming the earth, but is the earth so capricious?”
When the three descended from Mt. Raiyama, they could smell the rice from the paddy fields of Itoshima.
Amidst the rustic landscape, Eyama remembered that in Tokyo, like himself, he was preoccupied with making money. Still, I have to go back to Tokyo and work as an art dealer and an art supply store. The tens of thousands of tsubos of land in Miharasu are paddy fields, but in Tokyo even a 100 tsubo house costs 600 million yen. Thinking about it, Eyama
“If you don’t get rid of mad thoughts, you’ll be in big trouble. Money-making crazy Tokyoites, well, I don’t want to think of them as all of them, even me.” I’m a Tokyo resident now, or even in the past, but I think there’s something twisted in the energy they emit. Can’t you do something with magic?”
A fly is flying in the sky. A white butterfly fluttered gorgeously near the three of them. Is nature cruel to humans? Isn’t it just sending back artificial and unnatural energy?
“When we’re in Tokyo, Aiwass told us that we’ll be safe because of Horus-sama’s protection. There’s nothing we can do about the destination of the thoughts of a giant human being with the power of a few of us. I guess.”
Fumi has a troubled face,
“I heard Ryunosuke Akutagawa had a big dick, but he committed suicide. I wondered if playing with women had become irrelevant. If it’s a problem with the head rather than the lower part of the body, then that kind of stimulant won’t work.It’s said that if you have a big cock, you’ll gain confidence in life, but Akutagawa didn’t think so, so he didn’t have a penis. I’m thinking that I should stop buying mail order for growth.”
He spoke in a whisper so that only Eyama could hear it.
“That’s right. I wonder if Dazai had a double suicide with a woman. He must have misunderstood that he could do literature because his lower body was active.”
“Ahahahaha. Old Japanese writers are all like that.”
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
On Saturdays in Machida, there are people who are enjoying their days off unlike usual, so there is a different atmosphere around the station.
If you look from a high place in Machida City, you can see a mountain to the west, but that must be Mt. Oyama in Kanagawa Prefecture. At an altitude of 1251.7 meters, there has long been a shrine called Oyama Shrine on this mountain, and there is a story that Kaishu Katsu came to visit with his father.
No one knows whether it was this visit to Oyama Shrine that weathered the stormy waves of the Meiji Restoration. In any case, even after the Meiji government took over, Kaishu Katsu made a good career as a former vassal of the shogunate and received the rank of Earl.
It can be said that Oyama Shrine has always been visited by worshipers since ancient times, but now, even though there is a cable car, Oyama Shrine near the summit of Mt. Oyama has a difficult slope to climb. It is divided into Onnazaka and Otokozaka, and as the name suggests, Otokozaka is steeper.
It is said that people in the past climbed Mt. Daisen while eating tofu. Kisaburo Hamano will also be climbing Mt. Oyama after a while, but now he is in front of Machida Station with his friend Shidai Oka in Machida. Hamano saw a woman in the distance,
“Isn’t it that person, that little fat woman in the red hat?”
“Looks like it. You’re all right.”
“Of course. But.”
“What is it, Hamano?”
“Maybe she wants to have a threesome.”
“Maybe, I don’t know. Because it seemed normal.”
“What are you kidding about? Well then, have fun.”
Hamano turned his back around.
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Kana Tamiya’s eyes found her husband Shinichiro standing in front of Machida Station about thirty meters ahead. Just when I was thinking about going to talk to him, I recognized a woman approaching my husband.
The woman bowed deeply in front of Shinichiro, chatted, and the two of them started walking side by side toward the Odakyu department store.
(I wonder if that woman is an art dealer. She looks a lot like that woman I’ve never forgotten.
Yes, it’s a secret that only I know.
I wonder if it’s better not to worry about people like me in the world. It feels like a business negotiation for some kind of painting, so I don’t really care.
Compared to that, I’m cheating. I wonder how many years it’s been cheating. My husband is first, so I’ll do it so that I won’t lose.
Dating sites are convenient. Maybe I should ask Mr. Kishiyama, my neighbor, if he’s ever used a dating site. That wife seems to be serious, so she may not do such a thing,
But… when I met Mr. Kishiyama the other day, he said that we are happy now, so…
Maybe you’re doing dating.
That’s right, I saw Mr. Kishiyama’s husband coming home in a taxi late at night from the window of my room.
Generally speaking, when a wife cheats, the husband does it first, so it’s not okay.
I wonder if my wife will have an affair first. I wonder if an aggressive Hokkaido woman would do it. A couple from Hokkaido, Mr. Yokomura, have moved into the house across the street, and I feel like that.
There was a woman from Hokkaido among my classmates at vocational school, and I was hanging out with about five boys. Even in winter, I wore light clothes and my skirts were super mini. I used to show my favorite boy my panties once a day. ) at that time, in front of me
“Luna-san. Thank you for waiting. My name is Oka. My real name is.”
The man I was talking to is standing there.
“Yes, I’m Luna. I’m sorry, it’s not my real name. I have a husband and wife.”
Kana put her red hat back on deeply.
“Oh, that’s right. I’m single, so it doesn’t matter.”
“Yes. What’s going on here? Shall we go to the Odakyu department store?”
“Yes, gladly. It’s almost noon, and what am I…”
Kana took a step forward. That step is a small step, but it will be a big step for the Tamiya family.
Kana thought that Shinichiro probably went to the restaurant area of the Odakyu department store, so she decided to go too.
I wondered what would happen if we happened to run into each other at the same store.
The Odakyu Department Store is located above Machida Station on the Odakyu Shinjuku Line, and you can get on the elevator in front of the ticket gate of the station. Anyway, it’s a large flow of people, but people are walking in the form of left-hand traffic.
If you think about why it is not on the right side, it seems that if you turn left after leaving the west exit of JR Machida Station, you will naturally walk on the left side because it will be in the direction of Odakyu Machida Station.
Machida Station is like a crossroads between Tokyo and Kanagawa. As Okashidai followed behind Kana, a young woman stood handing out leaflets.
“It’s a used book tough.”
I tried to hand him the leaflet, but Oka waved his hand lightly and didn’t take it.
Oka didn’t walk next to her, so Kana glanced back and walked towards the Odakyu department store escalator.
Compared to the elevator, it was slower, but I could see the floors along the way, and every floor was crowded with shoppers.
Machida’s department stores, which are unaffected by online shopping, seem to have a large number of elderly people.
Internet shopping is, after all, mail order, but many elderly people are not familiar with mail order, such as catalog mail order.
After all, the old-fashioned way of buying by looking directly with the eyes is probably better. There are many nursing homes in Machida, and there are quite a few elderly people living alone.
So I see quite a few elderly female shoppers.
The two of them arrived at the restaurant area on the top floor, and were slowly walking down the aisle with Kana leading them.
Shops are lined up on both sides, but depending on the shop, there are shops that can be seen from the aisle with a glass wall.
Shinichiro Tamiya was at a ramen shop with Suzuyo Midorikawa, who started running an art gallery.
Shinichiro casually glanced down the aisle and saw his art college student walking a little behind his wife Kana. Apparently, the student was walking behind Kana. What did that student say…
“Okashidai (okashitai).”
Shinichiro muttered alone.
When I asked back, Suzuyo Midorikawa’s face turned bright red. When Shinichiro returned to himself,
“No, the student walking down the aisle just now is my student, and his name is Okashidai. ”
Shinichiro scratched his head and explained.
“Well, that’s right. It’s rare.”
Suzuyo cleared her throat slightly.
As she passed the glass-enclosed shop to her right, Kana saw Shinichiro and that woman sitting with her right eye.
The woman had her back turned, but Kana could see that she was really talking about business. Shinichiro looked at him, but Kana didn’t stop, so people passed between him and him.
So, it must have been only for a short while that Shinichiro could see his wife.
Moreover, the man with me is following me from behind. Even if asked later, you should be able to push through if you don’t know.
However, I should probably admit it. What will my husband look like then?
Come to think of it, my former cheating partner was also… but now, I don’t remember it. I’m looking for a different kind of pleasure than the pleasure I had back then.
Kana was walking around the restaurant while thinking about the momentum of the male student, in other words, the momentum of the penis. (Because my husband’s penis visited that woman and hasn’t come to mine for a long time. I’m tired of living in an empty house. I’m still in my prime. I am aware.)
A Chinese restaurant caught my eye. When Kana stopped,
“Here, let’s do it.”
And when I turned to Oka and invited him gently,
“Yes, of course.”
While answering, Oka tried to rub his hands.
When I entered the store, there were not many customers. Even if you look at the sample menu on the table, the price seems high, so people probably don’t enter much. Kana secretly thought that Chinese food would be a good way to boost her male energy.
So, I made it for Shinichiro too, but the result was taken by a young woman somewhere. When I got to my seat, Kana leaned forward and said,
“I wonder what Oka-kun’s real name is, his full name.”
“I want to make fun of you.”
“Eh, what are you talking about? This place isn’t a hotel. Even if you say that right now, there’s no way you can do it here.”
Kana felt her face turn red despite her age. Oka laughed,
“No. My real name is Oka.
Kana nodded in agreement,
“That’s right. I think I misunderstood something. Fufufu, but. When we’re alone together, it would be fun if you said your real name and full name.”
When Kana heard that, Oka was embarrassed. Even though she is fat, she is an attractive woman. In particular, the swelling of the chest and the size of the buttocks are likely to be captivated. Even from where Oka was sitting, I could see that she was wearing red lipstick.
“Yes, that’s right. Shall I say it? If it’s Luna-san’s request.”
“I’m really looking forward to it.
Spring rolls, shrimp chili sauce, shark fin soup, hoikoro, gyoza, shumai, happosai, surattanmen, Chinese rice bowl. Oka tried to eat as much as possible, but Kana ate twice as much. Almond tofu, pudding and melon for dessert.
Kana ate with her red hat on.
At Shinichiro’s shop, Suzuyo Midorikawa was talking on her mobile phone.
“Right now, I’m in the restaurant area of the Odakyu department store. It’s a ramen shop. It’s surrounded by glass, so you can see me from behind. Right now, there aren’t many people, so come quickly.”
When she hung up the phone, Suzuyo smiled . and,
“I had a talk with the person I’m planning to hire as an employee of our gallery. I’m here now, so Mr. Tamiya, please take care of me.”
“Eh. Well, well.”
“Oh, Mr. Tamiya, the ramen is growing.”
“Ah, that’s right. If the ramen grows five times as much, I’ll apologize for five ramen noodles, sorry for the ramen,” he said.
“That’s right. Uhu. Rather than apologizing, it would be nice if you could draw a picture of that ramen.”
Hearing Suzuyo’s words, Shinichiro thought about drawing a surrealistic picture of ramen.

Magic,If you have magical sex